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13 Spooky Star Wars Scenes

Happy Halloween! However you celebrate (if you do), just make sure that you have plenty of fun and be safe! To celebrate Halloween here at Star Wars Geek Girl, I'd like to highlight 13 (oooo) spooky scenes across Star Wars in no particular order!

Possessed Sabine & Kanan in "Visions and Voices" (Star Wars Rebels)

Between the cool green glowing eyes and the horrifying way that they hiss and crawl all over the dark cave, Sabine and Kanan's possession is super spooky, as sad as it is that they attack Ezra during it. It really shows these characters being powerful in a new way. Now, if only I could figure out a way to make my eyes glow green and emit smoke for cosplay...

Ventress' Baptism in "Massacre" (The Clone Wars)

We'll stay on the topic of Nightsister magic for now, but this whole list could be just them (Nightsister zombies, turning Savage Oppress into the dark warrior we know, all the stuff going on in season 6). But one special spooky scene that gets a little overlooked sometimes is Ventress' baptism. The way she floats and her eyes roll back, the creepy chanting and the green mist- it's spooky stuff!

Bor Gullet in Rogue One

Maybe the Bor Gullet is more creepy than spooky, but either way- I hate it. The scene with Bodhi is just so... uncomfortable. Definitely the stuff of a Halloween haunted house that might be too creepy for me.

Barriss Versus Ahsoka in "Brain Invaders" (The Clone Wars)

The entire "Brain Invaders" episode and it's preceding episode "Legacy of Terror" both fit here, especially the Geonosian zombies and weird clicking clones forcing parasites up noses, but I especially love the fight between Ahsoka and Barriss in this episode. The shattering glass screens, Barriss creepy emotionless demeanor, Ahsoka desperately trying to freeze the ship out and Barriss' creepy shrieks while she's possessed by the Geonosian parasite all make for an awesome, spooky, and very memorable episode.

Din Versus the Mercenaries in "The Prisoner" (The Mandalorian)

I really, really love this scene in "The Prisoner" because of the way that Din really hunts down each of the mercenaries as they get separated from each other after betraying him. With the flashing red lights it's the stuff of a thriller film and it's so, so cool.

Luke in the Force Cave in The Empire Strikes Back

The classic, original spooky Star Wars scene! Luke entering the Force cave only to face Vader just to see his own face behind the mask is really creepy and cool to watch, and still a source of speculation for some people.

Palpatine on Exegol in The Rise of Skywalker

Palpatine is just inherently kinda creepy in everything, but I have to say that zombie-ish Palpatine really takes the cake. I mean, just look at him... especially his weird rotting fingers? And the way that he's just kinda puppeted around on that crane thing? Super spooky in my opinion.

The Making of Vader in Revenge of the Sith

This scene is very sad of course, but there's something so Frankenstein-esque and spooky about the way that what's left of Anakin Skywalker is placed into the imposing, frightening suit of Vader and transformed forever.

Wrecker's Chip Activating in "Battle Scars" (The Bad Batch)

This spooky Star Wars scene is in more recent memory! I remember how horrified I was when Wrecker's chip activated and he turned on the rest of the Bad Batch and Rex- including Omega. It was terrifying to watch our normal fun, lovable Wrecker turn into a cold-blooded killer, especially towards his family. Not to mention the framing of him as a horror movie monster made the scene super cool and spooky, though still very sad.

The Jedi and Clones Hunted in "Lair of Grievous" (The Clone Wars)

This is another one where it's basically the whole episode that's spooky. Kit Fisto, Nahdar Vebb and a handful of clones venture into Grievous' lair, and only Kit Fisto makes it out. It's really frightening to see them be hunted and trapped inside the already creepy lair of Grievous, but also so, so cool and spooky.

Luminara's Corpse in "Rise of the Old Masters" (Star Wars Rebels)

People don't really give enough credit to the early seasons of Star Wars Rebels, saying that they're too childish, but I think that the refrigerated corpse of Luminara in "Rise of the Old Masters" would disagree. The way that the tension slowly builds as the hologram of Luminara fades away into the frozen box and then the Inquisitor appears behind the horrified Kanan and Ezra- super scary!

Ezra's Visions in the Lothal Jedi Temple in "Path of the Jedi" (Star Wars Rebels)

Speaking of scary stuff in Rebels season 1 that everyone just ignores, how about "Path of the Jedi" for you? Ezra goes through a lot of scary visions in the Temple, including watching Kanan die at the hand of the Grand Inquisitor and overhearing Sabine, Zeb and Hera talk poorly about him- before they get massacred too, of course. It's a genuinely scary and heartbreaking scene for Ezra.

Vader's Hallway Massacre in Rogue One

Finally, everyone's favorite awesome and scary scene- Vader's infamous hallway massacre that had everyone's hearts absolutely pounding in their chest to the point they were genuinely concerned about themselves. Or maybe that was just me. Either way, this scene is so, so cool and scary, and deserves a spot in every list like this.

Did I miss your favorite spooky Star Wars scene? Let me know!

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