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3 Appearances Expected in Book of Boba Fett, and 3 Surprises

The Book of Boba Fett had a spectacular finale this week, wrapping up some stories and closing the book on us (for now at least). The 7 episodes of the series were filled with appearances from characters across the galaxy. A lot of predictions were made before the show came out, some turning out to be right and some turning out to be wrong. Here are the ones that I anticipated to see to at least some degree, and some that caught me completely off guard.

Obviously, spoilers ahead for The Book of Boba Fett!

Expected: Cobb Vanth

I wouldn't say I was 100% sure about this one happening before the show, but I definitely was not surprised to see Timothy Olyphant's scarf-clad sheriff walking through the desert for the first time. Planets are big, but clearly Tatooine is not big enough to keep Mos Pelgo out of Boba Fett's business.

Surprise: Black Krrsantan

This one completely caught me off guard! I admit that I am not to date familiar with the comics, but I remembered Black Krrsantan and how awesome he was from the Doctor Aphra audiobook. I was totally shocked but very happy to see his live action debut, and I hope he hangs around more often now that they have the costume made.

Expected: Din Djarin

I'll say this falls more in the middle between expected and surprised, though we all knew what episode he'd appear in after the previous one aired. I have to say I think his role extends far beyond cameo due to his complete takeover of one episode and partial takeover of the following, but regardless I was happy to see him back and he was a great addition to Boba Fett's team.

Surprise: Luke Skywalker

This one, along with the accompanying appearances of Ahsoka and Grogu, totally caught me off guard. I did not expect to get to see any of them in this series, but I was happy to get a little Jedi time (it's been a while since we got a lot of Jedi focus on-screen, I feel like). It was cool to see the next steps of these character's stories, even if it was a very non-Boba Fett episode of the Boba Fett show.

Expected: Cad Bane

Maybe less expected from me, and more me being half a step away from building an altar and performing rituals to get him to appear in this show. Either way, I was so, so thrilled to see him show up, it was the one cameo I really, really wanted in the show, and I got it! Cad Bane's live action debut was phenomenal, and I'm so glad I got to see it, and even if it's the end of his story, I think it was a fitting death for this character. (Though honestly I'm not entirely convinced he's dead. Just me?)

Surprise: Paz Viszla

The Armorer also falls under this, even in the Mando-focused episode I was surprised to see her there. But Paz Viszla was definitely the bigger surprise, mostly because I thought he was dead. So hey, Paz, how you doing? Glad you're alive. I think. Maybe.

Honorable mentions for ones that sort of surprised me were Max Rebo and Peli Motto, I was so glad to see them still hanging around and doing stuff (RIP to Max though). What cameos did you expect to get, and which ones caught you off guard? I'd love to hear about your experience!

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Melissa H
Melissa H
Feb 11, 2022


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