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3 Reasons Why Triple Zero Needs a Screen Appearance

We all love good old 0-0-0, especially my sister (happy birthday Saffy)! He's a character of the comic books, most famous for his torturous ways and friendship with Doctor Aphra. Though he's stayed on the inked pages of Star Wars so far, I would love to see him on a screen, and have a few reasons for that.

He's really badass.

While perhaps the most famous protocol droid is C-3PO, who isn't exactly... combat ready, we can't paint all of them with the same brush. His extensive arsenal of torture tools and eagerness to engage in violence make him a formidable opponent to many characters, and I think would look really cool on-screen.

He's hilarious.

Remember how much we all fell in love with K-2SO's dry sense of humor when we first watched Rogue One? I think a screen appearance from Triple Zero would go the same way. Triple Zero has a similar sense of humor. His jokes translated very well for the Doctor Aphra audiodrama, and I think they'd be even better on a screen.

He would bring his friends to the screen too.

Of course, we can't have Triple Zero without Aphra herself or BT-1, and these are also both characters I'd love to have on-screen. Between Aphra's dynamic personality and BT-1's propensity towards violence that rivals Triple Zero's, this great team would work together just as well on-screen as they do in the comics or their audiodrama, and I'd love to see it.

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1 Comment

Tubbz Pog
Tubbz Pog
Oct 03, 2021

That is true that Triple Zero should make an appearance on screen. Dry sense of humor is good. Now if Disney for some reason allows for there to be a rated arm Star Wars movie where there is Triple Zero.

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