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3 Reasons Why Triple Zero Needs a Screen Appearance

We all love good old 0-0-0, especially my sister (happy birthday Saffy)! He's a character of the comic books, most famous for his torturous ways and friendship with Doctor Aphra. Though he's stayed on the inked pages of Star Wars so far, I would love to see him on a screen, and have a few reasons for that.

He's really badass.

While perhaps the most famous protocol droid is C-3PO, who isn't exactly... combat ready, we can't paint all of them with the same brush. His extensive arsenal of torture tools and eagerness to engage in violence make him a formidable opponent to many characters, and I think would look really cool on-screen.

He's hilarious.

Remember how much we all fell in love with K-2SO's dry sense of humor when we first watched Rogue One? I think a screen appearance from Triple Zero would go the same way. Triple Zero has a similar sense of humor. His jokes translated very well for the Doctor Aphra audiodrama, and I think they'd be even better on a screen.

He would bring his friends to the screen too.

Of course, we can't have Triple Zero without Aphra herself or BT-1, and these are also both characters I'd love to have on-screen. Between Aphra's dynamic personality and BT-1's propensity towards violence that rivals Triple Zero's, this great team would work together just as well on-screen as they do in the comics or their audiodrama, and I'd love to see it.

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