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3 Star Wars Video Game Ideas That Could Be Like, Super Cool

Star Wars video games have been at the forefront of my mind recently. I only just now played Vader Immortal and Tales from Galaxy's Edge (if anyone has advice on winning the achievement for that stupid darts game in the cantina, please let me know), and with Star Wars Hunters and LEGO Star Wars coming this year and the four total new Star Wars game announcements in the past couple months, there's a lot of ways we can play in the galaxy far, far away. While really any game where we get to do stuff in the Star Wars universe is going to be fun, I have a few ideas of my own that I think would be cool!

1. Bounty Hunter Game

After playing the tale in Tales from Galaxy's Edge where you get to be IG-88 hunting a bounty, I realized that it would be so, so fun to have an entire game where you could just travel the galaxy hunting down bounties. It would be so much fun to create your own bounty hunter, customizing your gear and ship, and I think it would be tons and tons of fun to play.

2. Mandalorian-Centered Game

I love everything we're learning about Mandalorian culture in Star Wars, all the way back from The Clone Wars up through Rebels, The Mandalorian and now The Book of Boba Fett. I really think it would be fun to have a game focused on Mandalore where you can play as a Mandalorian. There's a lot of room for where it could be set- I would love to play during the days of ancient Mandalore, or during The Clone Wars, or even during the Imperial era. I mean, we could even do the post-Imperial era and meet THE Mandalorian! There's a lot of potential no matter which way it goes!

3. Creature Zoologist Game

Okay, I know this doesn't sound nearly as epic or action-packed as the first two, but I think it could still be a fun game. I'd love a game where I get to travel the galaxy and learn about, or even take care of, different creatures. You could still have a little action in it, but imagine a peaceful, relaxing Star Wars game where you can come home from a long day and pet some porgs. Maybe it wouldn't be for everyone, but I for one would have so much fun!

What kind of Star Wars games would you like to see? I'd love to know!

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1 Comment

Melissa H
Melissa H
Feb 04, 2022

Love this! Great ideas!

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