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4 Familiar Names from Droids (1985)

As you may know if you've been keeping up with the blog, about two weeks ago I watched all of Ewoks (1985) and Droids (1985). Droids was... interesting. But one of the things that stuck out to me the most was a few almost familiar names in this series. I'd like to point out a few of them to you today.

The planet of Biitu

In the Droids TV movie The Great Heep, there's a lush planet mostly populated by farmers known as Biitu. Sounds pretty similar to our beloved Batuu of Galaxy's Edge, and I misheard them the first time they said it- you can imagine my surprise! I'm not sure if the close-sounding names are intentional, but I definitely like to think that they are.

Kybo Ren

If you've heard of one similar name, it's probably this guy. Obviously this space pirate has a very similar name to the lead villain of the sequel trilogy, Kylo Ren. Besides a preference for an all black style, the similarities really stop there, but it's still interesting (and pretty funny) nonetheless. The real question again, is, was this intentional or not?

Jyn Obah

Jyn is another space pirate and first mate of Kybo Ren. He has the same first name as Jyn Erso... and then again, the similarities stop there. Still, I thought it was just a fun little thing that both characters share a name.

Boonta Speeder Race

Finally, probably the name that's actually closest to its canon Star Wars counterpart, we have the Boonta Speeder Race. This is, as the name would suggest, a speeder race that happens during the Droids show. Obviously, it's very close to the Boonta Eve Podrace in The Phantom Menace, and this is one where I just have to think that the name is intentional- it'd be too scary of a coincidence otherwise.

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