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4 Star Wars Pilot Moms That Deserve Your Appreciation

There are beloved Star Wars characters that are moms. There are beloved Star Wars characters that are pilots. These four ladies fall right in the middle of that venn diagram. I think we need to appreciate them and also organize a brunch so they can hang out.

Hera Syndulla

Admit it. When I said "pilot mom" in the title, you thought of her first (also because her picture was the thumbnail probably). Hera is the iconic space mom as well as the best pilot in the galaxy, so obviously she has to be at the top of my pilot moms list. She's just the best!

Norra Wexley

Norra is a character you'd be familiar with if you've read the Aftermath trilogy (or as I've recently discovered as I very slowly make my way through it, Resistance Reborn). She's the mom of Temmin, or "Snap" who you know from the sequel trilogy. She's an extremely kickass pilot and a great mom to her son.

Shara Bey

Shara is, of course, Poe's mom. She was a hardworking pilot during the Rebellion who gave it her all so her son could have a better life. She also made sure to teach Poe how to fly himself, even from a young age, so he could become the incredible pilot we know him as by the time we reach The Force Awakens.

Iden Versio

I'm ending with Iden because she's the only one that doesn't have a rhyming first name. Iden is our protagonist from Battlefront II. Her piloting skills helped achieve the ever-so-important win on Jakku, and it's because of her hard work in the Rebellion that she's able to raise her daughter Zay in peacetime. Until the First Order happens, of course.

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