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5 Best Star Wars Planets to Vacation On

While there are a lot of really terrifying Star Wars planets out there to visit, these five are some that I think would make excellent vacation spots.

This post contains spoilers for The Bad Batch episode 10.


I feel like Naboo is an obvious top for this list. It has beautiful natural landscapes and equally beautiful cities that are no doubt perfect for those of us interested in art and exploring such an interesting culture. Plus, you definitely would have to stop by a store and pick up some of those gorgeous authentic Naboo clothes while you're there!


I think Raxus is more of an interesting one. In today's episode of The Bad Batch, I just thought the city there looked so interesting and beautiful, and I would definitely love to explore it. Just, you know... minus the Imperial occupation part.


Felucia is a little more unlike the previous two. While there are settlements there, to our knowledge it's primarily an exotic jungle of plants so different from our own. I've always thought Felucia was so fascinating, and it's definitely a place I wish I could visit.


This one is for people who like their vacations cold. So, not me. But some people. Krownest is another really pretty place to visit, with snow covering the trees and mountains delicately, and one that I think you could go camping on as long as you brought plenty of gear to stay warm!


The last one on this list is Coruscant. Like Naboo and Raxus, my primary draw to this planet is the city life aspect of it. I mean, think about it- there HAS to be a ton to do there! I'd love to explore what I could, visit cool places to see and have fun things to do. I mean, I'd probably spend a lot of money there too but hey- worth it.

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