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5 COVID-Safe Costumes for Star Wars Celebration

With Celebration just around the corner and mask mandates still in effect, a lot of cosplayers are trying to figure out how to work a mask into their costume. Are you in that boat? Here are some Star Wars characters that have a mask already built in to their outfit!

Scavenger Rey

If you're one of the many amazing Rey cosplayers out there, you're in luck- there's a version of her costume with a covering over the mouth and nose! We can go back to her introductory scene, where she is in her full scavenger gear for a costume.

Ventress/Nightsister Assassins

If you're looking for a bit of a darker costume, look no further than than Asajj Ventress and some of the Nightsisters- specifically, in the episode where they try to assassinate Dooku and they wear masks over the lower halves of their faces.

Kage Warriors

In another Ventress-centric Clone Wars episode, we get to meet the Kage Warriors, and take a look at their cool costumes- masks included. These warriors wear intimidating hoods and have cool swords to go with their looks.


We can move to Visions and do the costume of the "Bandit Leader," later named as Kouru in the novel Ronin. Her scary mask really strikes fear into the heart of her opponents, plus you could make her cool lightsaber parasol if you do this costume.


Finally, we finish off with another Visions character. My personal COVID-safe costume of choice is F. F's costume is fairly simple in design but still very cool, and hopefully I'll get to wield her yellow-bladed katana lightsaber. If you do an F costume, let me know so we can get a picture together!

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Melissa H
Melissa H
Apr 23, 2022

Great idea for an article ♥️

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