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5 "In-Universe" Star Wars Books I'd Like to See

Star Wars has given us some really interesting books that have a sort of place within the universe itself. From journals and sketchbooks of characters like Rey or Sabine, recounting of Star Wars battles as if they're real historical events, guides to visiting different places in the galaxy, religious texts for Jedi or Sith, compiled files of the Rebellion to the newly announced Star Wars Objects which was described as a literary version of walking through an in-universe museum collection of various things, there's a lot to offer. Even the Star Wars-themed cookbooks include blurbs that treat them like they're cookbooks in-universe. All of these are so interesting, and can pull you into the universe in a very unique way. I love these books, and have a few similar ideas that I would probably like to see someday.

Collection of Holonet News Articles

This is honestly probably one of the ones I would want the most. I'd love to see an archive of Star Wars journalism, spanning from High Republic all the way up to New Republic. It would be so fascinating to see the perspectives on Star Wars events from the regular people in the galaxy. Just IMAGINE the op-eds! We could see the Imperial propaganda machine at work, how people saw the Jedi during the Clone Wars, and the different perspectives on the New Republic's formation from the outside. Plus, just for fun, we could totally see little advertisements too, from ship companies to little places like Dexter's Diner.

Star Wars Academic Journal

I know that most people's immediate response to the words "academic journal" are to recoil or fall asleep, but hear me out. I think this could be really cool! We could see official, in-universe Star Wars writings about history, science, politics, all sorts of things! From all different fields! It would definitely be a super niche audience but I think it would be neat. Plus, we do know of some characters that did go to college, and I personally would love to leave some of Dr. Aphra's published works. You don't get that doctorate without a lot of archaeological writing!

How-To Manuals

Also a bit of a niche audience, but I think some little how-to manuals for in-universe objects like ships, droids, or other technologies could be kind of neat! We get cross-sections of ships and droids showing their interiors and what parts they're made up of, but I think it would be really neat to have some manuals for the average consumer on how to use and maintain them without necessarily having that full mechanical breakdown.

Cultural History Books

This is another that I would be super, super excited about. We know some basics about the history of certain specific cultures and planets like say, Ryloth, Mandalore or Mon Cala, but I would love to read whole books to learn all about them. Specific places, significant events and key figures in their history would all be really cool to learn about, as well as some of their cultural practices or religions. I'm always a big sucker for worldbuilding, and would adore getting to learn all about these places on a real-world level.

Compilation of Nemik's Writings

Finally, I have to say that I would love to read some writing of Nemik from Andor. He talks a lot about the writing he does, the manifestos and statements that he writes about different topics related to the rebellion and reasons for it. They sound really interesting, and I think would be really great to read (and imagine all the quotes we could pull)!

What in-universe Star Wars books would you most like to see? Let us know here or on social media!

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Melissa H
Melissa H
Oct 16, 2022


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