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5 Of My Favorite Stylish Clone Troopers

One of my favorite things about The Clone Wars is the individuality we see across the clones. One of the many, many ways that this individuality manifests is through the different paint jobs that we see them adorn their armor with. This week, I'd like to highlight five of my favorite clone trooper paint jobs. While there are plenty of really great ones to choose them, these are just some of my personal favorites.

Captain Keeli

Though our time spent with Keeli was restrained to just a single episode of The Clone Wars, that was still plenty of time to fall in love with his design. The ram-horns design that he wears on his helmet is so interesting and pretty, and it makes for a really, really great clone helmet.


While Hardcase' helmet and armor has a very simple design, it's one I've always really loved. It's clean, symmetrical, interesting without being too distracting or attention grabbing. You've really got to stop and take a moment to appreciate it fully, and that's something I like about it.


To be entirely honest, Waxer is mostly just here because of the cute little drawing of Numa he has on his helmet. It's so adorable, really sweet, and just a little detail that I've always really, really loved. So he gets a spot just for that.

Commander Fox

While both Commander Fox's designs (phase 1 and phase 2) are great, his phase 2 design takes the cake for me. I really like the shade of red, and the placement of it all over his armor rather than leaving it mostly white like a lot of clones is really interesting and cool.

Commander Wolffe

Finally, we have Commander Wolffe. The sleek gray and the wolf-inspired design, alone with the spiky stripes and the way he incorporates the Wolfpack logo into the shape of his helmet makes Wolffe one of my favorite clone troopers looks-wise. He's got such a cool look to him, and I really appreciate the level of detail in his design.

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Robert Williams
Robert Williams
Aug 02, 2021

I personally like Bad Batch the most Wrecker is my all time favorite. I did like Captain Howzer his colors are unusual. But if I had to chose one from the Clone Wars movies trilogy it would probably be Commander Gree from Revenge of the Sith because he has that unusual camo color armor which stood out amongst the other clones. If I had to pick out one from Star Wars: Clone Wars it would be Captain Fordo because of his amazing red and white design and sheer badass looking helm. From The Clone Wars series it would be Commander Fox because his armor is different than anyone else. From The Star Wars Rebels I would have to pick ol…


Jul 26, 2021

Hardcase’s marking seal the deal for me on this list... but Wolffe... just wow. :)

Aug 03, 2021
Replying to

Any scout clone trooper looks nice to me.

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