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5 Star Wars Books You Might Like if You Love The Bad Batch

Let's face it, we all love The Bad Batch and look forward to its new release each week. However, we are fast approaching the season finale of this series, and will need something to fill the void it leaves until our next new Star Wars graces our screen. So, I'd like to recommend five books you can read following The Bad Batch's finale that I think you may enjoy.

If you like the teamwork element, try the Aftermath trilogy.

There is a lot that I could say about the Aftermath trilogy. They're really incredible books, Star Wars or not, with a great story that really ropes you in. But by far my favorite part of it is the cast of characters. The Aftermath trilogy follows a rag-tag band of heroes (or less than heroes), and we get to watch them come together as a team and work hard, and seeing that dynamic grow and change was definitely a big highlight of the book.

If you like the Kanan and Hera cameos, try A New Dawn.

Us Star Wars Rebels fans are down bad when it comes to books about our beloved characters, so if you haven't read A New Dawn yet, this is the big one for you. But, if you enjoyed saying baby Caleb Dume and baby Hera Syndulla in The Bad Batch and learning a little bit more about their histories, then A New Dawn is the book for you! This books covers how the two met and the awesome adventure that they went on together, and is just so, so much fun!

If you like the criminal underworld parts, try Last Shot.

There are a lot of great Star Wars books that delve into the criminal underworld parts of Star Wars, but Last Shot just sticks out to me because it's one of my favorites (mostly because of Lando, admittedly). This tri-storyline book follows Lando, Han, a few others after Return of the Jedi, where Han is taking one last dip into the underworld waters to help out Lando before he goes back to settle down for good with Leia and Ben. It also tells us a story about Han and Chewie following Solo, and Lando preceding that movie. It's fun, kinda weird, and just a great book that I loved, and think you would too.

If you like the post-Revenge of the Sith setting, try Catalyst.

If one of the things that intrigues you most about The Bad Batch is the setting immediately following Revenge of the Sith, then Catalyst is certainly the book for you! This book takes us through that time period, and we get to learn about how the change that comes with the Empire affects everyday citizens on planets like Coruscant. It's a really interesting book (though admittedly not nearly as action packed as The Bad Batch), and one I'd recommend if you'd like a closer look into this era of Star Wars.

If you like the young female character, try Leia, Princess of Alderaan.

Finally, if you enjoy our headstrong Omega, you'd probably like Leia. Leia is a little older than Omega in this story, but still very young. We follow her as she learns about the galaxy and figures out what her place in the Rebellion will be, along with her relationship with her parents. It's a great book that I'd recommend for many, many reasons, having a strong, young female character being just one of them.

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