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5 Star Wars Characters I Would NOT Want in My Residence Hall

My residents (who are awesome!) have moved in and classes are about to start. Last week, I wrote about 5 Star Wars characters that I would want in my residence hall. This week, I have 5 that I would not want to share with you.

Anakin Skywalker

Listen, I love Anakin. I really do. But I just feel like he'd be a nightmare of a resident. Not only would he probably get in trouble all the time, but he'd probably talk back to me when I bring it up. Plus, he would 100% violate guest policy by bringing Padmé over all the time.


Again, I love Chopper. This list doesn't mean I don't like this characters- it just means I wouldn't want to deal with them as residents. And Chopper... well, is Chopper. Great droid, just too out of control for my dorms.


This is the one that I feel the worst about. Because as much as I love Grogu and would love to hang out with him, I just don't think he'd be able to clean up after himself. Blue cookie crumbs everywhere, can you imagine? Also, I don't think his conflict resolution skills are the best. I don't want him Force-choking his roommate for eating his last pack of space ramen- I'd have to file a lot paperwork for that.


Honestly, Chewbacca would be okay in the dorms. The main thing is that his hair would get all over the communal showers and bathrooms, and that's just super gross.

Hondo Ohnaka

Now I love Hondo. He's a hoot, everyone loves him- which is exactly why I DO NOT WANT HIM AS A RESIDENT. The parties, the guest violations, the noise violations, the alcohol violations, it would be a nightmare! So many reports that I just do not want to deal with.

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