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5 Star Wars Characters I Would Want in my Residence Hall

I've spent about a week now doing Resident Assistant training, so I've been thinking about what kinds of residents I hope I'll have on my floor. Here are 5 Star Wars characters that I think would be very great to have in a dorm hall.

Hera Syndulla

I think Hera would be a great resident to have! She's responsible, probably keeps things clean, and I think would be a supportive and calming presence on the floor.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I would want Obi-Wan on my floor only because I think it would be fun to sit around my dorm with him and talk about a million things over tea. Except I don't drink tea. But it would still be fun.

Neeku Vozo

I think Neeku would be a great presence on the floor! He's fun and lovable, and I'd love to play games with him at events. I would love a resident like Neeku for sure.


I think Finn would be a great resident to have! He's pretty fun, seems to get along well with others, and all that First Order training and sanitation work probably means he's good at picking up after himself.


Finally, we have C-3PO. I think he'd be the perfect resident. He's orderly, can teach us all about etiquette and different languages, and he'd probably be a pretty good study buddy. Plus, you know you'd never have to worry about him hogging the showers or toilets!

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Aug 16, 2021


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