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5 Star Wars Characters That Need Their Own Book

Star Wars has given us a variety of books that really let us dive deep on a specific character, some of my favorites being Ahsoka, Rebel Rising, Leia: Princess of Alderaan, and many more. With so many characters across the galaxy to explore, there's a lot of potential books to be written. Here are a few characters that I personally would love a book about.

1. Zeb Orrelios

It's easy to dismiss Zeb as a comic relief character in Star Wars Rebels, but you'd be missing out on a lot by doing so. The Zeb-centric episodes we got in the series were always really cool, and I think there's a lot of character there to be explored. I'd love to see a book where we learn more about what his life was like on Lasan, what the Imperial attack was like, and then how he met Kanan and Hera.

2. Enfys Nest

I really fell in love with Enfys when I saw Solo, and I think that she and her Cloudriders are really, really cool. I'd love to get a book about her and also about her mother, and the story behind her family and the mask she wears, and what it all means. I think it would be a really fun book to read at the very least.

3. Venisa & Immanuel Doza

Another one of my favorite Star Wars books (to be fair, I call them all "one of my favorites") is Lost Stars, a tragic romance between an Imperial and a rebel. We know that the Dozas had a similar story, and I'd love to see how it developed. And of course, Yeager would probably be in it too.

4. Satine Kryze

The pacifist Duchess of Mandalore is really interesting to me, and I just need to have a book about her. I'd love to learn about her family (especially her dynamic with Bo-Katan), Mandalorian politics, as well as the young romance she had with Obi-Wan. I think a Satine book is way overdue, and would be a great combo of political thriller and romance novel.

5. Sabine Wren

This may seem like an obvious choice coming from me, but I have reasons for it! I think a story following Sabine's time in the academy, and then as a bounty hunter with Ketsu Onyo up to her joining the Ghost Crew would be an amazing story! I never really get sick of Imperial academy stories like Servants of the Empire, and I would LOVE to learn about her bounty hunting adventures, and what exactly caused the bad blood she and Ketsu had when we first see them together in Rebels.

What characters would you like to see a book about? Let us know!

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Melissa H
Melissa H
08 abr 2022

Totally agree! Especially #2 and 5! ♥️

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