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5 Star Wars Creatures You Probably Shouldn't Pet But I Really, Really Want To

There are a lot of adorable, friendly little Star Wars creatures to play with. And I love them! They're super cute. But some of the maybe less friendly creatures need some pets too, even if it's probably a bad idea.


Yes, the mudhorn almost killed Din Djarin, and would have if Grogu didn't save the day. Yet, it could absolutely kill me with very little effort, tossing me around like a ragdoll. But hear me out- I just want to rub it. I think it's cute, like a rhino!


Rancors are kinda ugly, sure. But I think they can be ugly-cute! I love Muichi, as well as the rancor in The Book of Boba Fett, and would like to snuggle up with one just like Grogu did.


The nexu is an extremely fearsome creature, that can tear enemies apart with large claws and teeth, and hunt you down with superior vision thanks to all of its eyes. I ALSO want to scratch it behind its little kitty ears. I mean, it doesn't look like it really has ears. But I want to scrach it somewhere.


The Gorgara is a fearsome opponent to come across in Jedi: Fallen Order, definitely an intimidating presence and the source of lots and lots of frustration from video game players across all platforms. But look at that cute little face! Or big face, rather.


This one of all of them would probably be the safest to play with, considering we know they can be tamed, like with Embo's pet anooba, Marrok. That doesn't mean that petting any old anooba you come across is a wise decision, but I feel like it would probably be worth it to pet the space doggie.

Which too dangerous Star Wars creature do you want to give a belly rub?

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1 commentaire

Melissa H
Melissa H
18 févr. 2022

Awww, loved this. ♥️ Such a cool topic for an article. I wouldn’t want to pet any of them though. 😬

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