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5 Star Wars Pets I'd Love to Have

There are a lot of really cute animals in the Star Wars universe that I'd like to snuggle with, but these are five that I especially would love to have come hang around.


Voorpaks, like Torra Doza's pet Buggles, are just adorable in the weird-looking kind of way. I'm in love with them, they look so fluffy and fun to play with. I would definitely like to have my own little Buggles.


Tookas! Obviously I had to put tookas (and of course, loth-cats by extension) on here. They're adorable little creatures that everyone loves, and some of them seem really sweet and cuddly.


Convorees seem to be pretty nice and smart birds that like to hang around the rebels on Atollon. Of course there's Morai, the convor with the prettiest coloring, but even the regular convorees are really cute to me too.


Vulptexes are the helpful crystal foxes from The Last Jedi, and I've just always been in love with their design. I think they'd be fun to have around the house- and not only that, but you could hear them jingle whenever they're coming around the corner!


And obviously, I had to include porgs. Porgs are the sweet, adorable birds that took our hearts by storm with The Last Jedi, and the ones who made themselves at home quickly in the Millennium Falcon. I already have many porg plushies, and I would LOVE to have the real thing.

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2 commentaires

26 juil. 2021

In my personal opinion if I were to have a pet. It Would be the baby rancor from Bad Batch. (I forgot the name. I need to work In memorizing names better.)


Scott Strong
Scott Strong
26 juin 2021

Porgs are my favourite!

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