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5 Things to Look Forward to in Tales of the Jedi

The Clone Wars-style animated series of shorts is coming to us in less than a week. It will feature three shorts each following the stories of Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku, and I am personally really excited. Here's what we know we'll be seeing in the upcoming series streaming this Wednesday on Disney+.

Baby Ahsoka

We know that the first episode of Tales of the Jedi is about a very, very young Ahsoka, presumably as her Force sensitivity is budding and her being discovered by Plo Koon. It'll be cool to see what a young Ahsoka is up to and this part of her origin, and also she is just so cute!

Qui-Gon and Dooku

We know that part of the episodes following the story of Count Dooku will feature his relationship with his second padawan, Qui-Gon Jinn. Compared to what we saw of him and Rael Aveross in Dooku: Jedi Lost, this time has been relatively unexplored, so I'm excited to see it in this series!

Ahsoka's Training

While of course we saw plenty of Ahsoka's training in The Clone Wars, the nostalgic part of me always wants more. I'm excited to see more of young Ahsoka again as she learns how to become a Jedi, not to mention seeing mullet Obi-Wan in animation. Plus, the alternate version of her costume is really cool!


If you haven't been at least a little enamored with Yaddle since reading about her in Star Wars reference books you used to pore over as a child (is that a relatable experience?), then you might not quite get the Yaddle hype. However, I am very excited to see Yaddle get her due in some screen content outside of background appearances.

Fight with an Inquisitor

I never tire of seeing Ahsoka fighting Inquisitors. Whether it's in E.K. Johnston's novel, on Garel or on Malachor, it's always so exciting. So how can't I be excited to see Ahsoka (and more spinny sabers) in action?

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Melissa H
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Baby Ahsoka! ♥️

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