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5 Tips to Survive Your First Star Wars Celebration

Is this your first Star Wars Celebration? Feeling a little nervous? Well never fear, because I have a few tips that can help you make the most out of your time in Anaheim. It's only my third Celebration, so I'm certainly no expert, but based off of my own previous experiences here are a few things that could help.

Follow Celebration social media!

Not only do the Celebration official social media accounts post different events and updates on tickets before the show, but they're a great way to get updates during the show. Whether it's a rescheduling update or unfortunate cancellation, checking in on those accounts (or even having notifications on, though that might blow up your phone a bit) is an easy way to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the con. Not to mention that pictures of yourself or your friends might pop up! You can find Celebration on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Download the Celebration app!

Sort of a follow-up to above, but downloading the Celebration app is basically essential! The app has plenty of information in it about panels, exhibitors, and guests, and it will make it quick and easy to access QR codes and things you need for panel or shopping reservations. Not to mention that it will have maps of the show floor that you can use to get around. You can download the app on your device here! Just make sure that your badge is activated!

Build yourself a schedule!

Celebration has a TON going on. Like, panel after panel after panel. If you want to go to any of them, it can be a little overwhelming, so I'd advise you to build yourself a schedule of which panels you want to go to, and when and where they are. You can use the Celebration website or the app to find a list of all the panels. And take advantage of panel/shopping reservations, as well as Lightspeed Lane. Don't forget to include any autographs/photo ops/store reservations you may have, and build in time to just hang out on the show floor, and please remember to EAT! A cool feature of the app is that you can favorite panels and the app will send you a notification for 15 minutes before they start- though if it's for a bigger panel, I'd recommend getting there at least 30 minutes early.

Walk through the show floor!

I mentioned above building in time to hang out on the show floor, and I really recommend you do that. As awesome as panels and the big official stores are, spending time on the show floor is one of my favorite parts. There are so many cool, unique exhibitors to look at, and you may find that one Star Wars item you've been looking for, or the one you didn't know you were looking for. You'll also get to see everyone's awesome costumes and talk to people you've never met but share a love of Star Wars with.

Meet up with people you know online!

Finally, use Celebration to meet up with those Internet friends you've been geeking out with, especially the ones you haven't gotten a chance to meet yet because of the pandemic. Celebrities are cool, but good friends are cooler (and cheaper, usually). Consistently my favorite part of Celebration is getting to meet up with people like the Rogue Rebels, Johna from Geeky Bubble, Steele Saunders, Shay from the Elven Padawan and countless more. Celebration is not just about celebrating Star Wars itself, but about celebrating the connections we make because of it. If you know your friend @cobbvanthswife (apologies if that's anyones actual handle), is going to be there, don't be afraid to message and ask them to meet you somewhere on the show floor!

I'm really excited for this coming Celebration, and I hope you are too! Be sure to look through the whole Celebration website for information about things like the Art Show, Pin Trading, and more. I'll be going to plenty of panels but will also try to spend as much time as I can on the show floor, so feel free to DM @swgeekgirl on Twitter, or my own accounts on Instagram or TikTok @spectre_five, because I'd love to meet and talk Star Wars with anybody!

And finally I'll give you one bonus tip... come to the Star Wars Geek Girl live show on the podcast stage on Sunday at 12:30pm!

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1 Comment

Melissa H
Melissa H
May 20, 2022

Great tips! ♥️

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