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6 Top-Tier Dark Side Costumes in Star Wars

Happy Revenge of the Sixth! Or angry Revenge of the Sixth, that's a little more true to the Sith. Star Wars costumes have always been iconic pieces of the movies (otherwise we wouldn't be copying so many of them for ourselves), but those who use the Dark Side of the Force always seem to be really bringing it. These are a few of my personal favorite dark side costumes!

Kylo Ren (The Force Awakens)

As great as Kylo's later costumes are (I'm a HUGE fan of the red cracks in the helmet), my personal favorite will always be the first one. I love the hood over his helmet, the raggedy scarf- everything about it is so perfect and intimidating. Honestly, the perfect look for him (to my tastes) would be this costume combined with the cracked helmet from The Rise of Skywalker. It's just such a cool look.


There's no doubt that Kouru is a really cool character with an awesome lightsaber, but I don't think that her costume gets enough credit. It's sleek and fairly simple, yet such a cool one to see come alive on screen, especially the intimidating mask and hood.

Seventh Sister

I really fell in love with the Seventh Sister's design when we first saw her in Rebels. Her costume is uniform enough while still having some of her creepy personality in it through details like the purple pointed tips on her gloves, and the near-featureless mask just adds so much scariness to her character.

Second Sister

Though very similar to the Seventh Sister, Jedi: Fallen Order's Trilla Suduri's costume still stands out. The intimidating red visor and awesome red-lined cape make her so intimidating every time you have to fight her in the game. The costume is similar enough to other Inquisitors while still making her stand out enough.

Asajj Ventress (Nightsister Assassin)

While my personal favorite look of Ventress is her bounty hunter one, this darker one is just as much fun and fits in with the others here better. The hood and mask combo, the thigh-highs and shorts makes for a sleek look that fits her character well, and I love the black and red colors that really makes her match her lighsaber.

Darth Vader

And we can't talk about the best Dark Side looks without bringing up the OG. There isn't anything I can say about Vader's costume that hasn't already been said- it's intimidating and gives him a presence that no one else can beat. No Star Wars character can strike fear from simply walking into a room like he can.

Did I miss your favorite? Let me know what Dark Side costumes you're a fan of!

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