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Appreciating 5 Teachers in Star Wars

May 4th may only be known as May the Fourth to many of us, but it's also Teachers' Day, a day where we're meant to appreciate the teachers in our lives. What better way to celebrate this dual holiday than highlighting some favorite mentors in Star Wars? Star Wars has plenty of teachers for our various heroes through the series. Both our favorite characters and us have a lot to learn, and we can learn them from these Jedi Masters.

Depa Billaba

Depa Billaba, Caleb Dume's master, is one of the best. She's a protective master, she accepts all of Caleb's questions, doesn't blindly follow the will of the Council and teaches him some of the most important lessons that he ever learns. Depa's legacy certainly lives through him and his teachings to Ezra, and we can tell that she was a good teacher because despite their relatively short time together, Kanan still has admiration and respect for her that influence his life.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Qui-Gon is another one of the greatest Jedi teachers. He seems to have an understanding of the Force that transcends that of even the Council, and does his very best to pass that knowledge on to Obi-Wan. While he unfortunately dies before he gets to train Anakin, I think that he would've done the same with him too. Qui-Gon is dedicated to his padawan, as in Master & Apprentice he is offered a position on the Council, which he turns down in part to see Obi-Wan's training through.

Leia Organa

Leia is perhaps one of the Jedi Masters I admire most on this list, almost solely because she hadn't set out to be one at all. Leia stepped away from Jedihood because of what she feared it would do to her son, and never set out to teach it herself, leaving that to her brother Luke. However, when Rey finds herself in need of a teacher after Luke's death, Leia steps up to do what she never really wanted to do, and teach her- at the same time that she's leading the Resistance and mourning the loss of her husband and her brother.


Yoda is by far the most experienced of the Jedi Masters here. Training younglings since at least the High Republic era and taking a few padawans of his own, Yoda is responsible for passing knowledge onto several generations of young Jedi. While Yoda is certainly flawed, especially considering some of his actions as a member of the Council, he is a good teacher to younglings because he values the mind of a child, and because he lets them learn and fail on their own rather than simply instructing them.

Kanan Jarrus

And finally, I saved my favorite for last. Kanan Jarrus, Depa Billaba's padawan and Ezra Bridger's master, is the best Jedi in my opinion. He understands what it really means to be a Jedi, even if he doesn't exactly concern himself with every rule and technicality. Kanan is the best teacher that Ezra could have, even if he doesn't always feel that way in the beginning. He's patient and compassionate, and taking time to learn himself from his student- making their bond much stronger.

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