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Appreciating Some Star Wars Dads

Happy Father's Day! I hope you use today to appreciate the fathers and father-figures in your life, and if you're a father yourself I hope you have the opportunity to take a nice break today. Dads do a lot for us, and they do in Star Wars too. To celebrate today, I'd like to show some appreciation for fifteen Star Wars dads that I think deserve it.

Cut Lawquane

Cut is the father of Shaeeah and Jek Lawquane, and deserted the Republic Army to create his family. Though he no longer counts himself among his clone trooper brothers that fight, he still puts his skills to good use protecting his family, and even other children who come along his way.

Cham Syndulla

Cham is the father of Hera (and a brother we've never gotten to know). While his relationship with Hera strains (like... a lot), eventually they are able to come together once more and be closer again. While Cham can be difficult with Hera, he's always proud of what she does and the brilliant woman that she's become, and I think she's more grateful for him than she lets on.

Galen Erso

Galen is another protective dad on this list. He and his wife Lyra do everything that they can to make sure their "stardust" is safe, even at the expense of their own lives. While Galen unfortunately is taken from his daughter for decades, they are fortunately able to briefly reunite before his untimely passing.

Anakin Skywalker

While Anakin doesn't really get the rep of being the best dad to Luke and Leia, that doesn't mean he still can't be a good father/big brother figure to Ahsoka. While we don't know what Anakin's life had been if he got to raise Luke and Leia and didn't just... Anakin everything, we do know from his time with Ahsoka that he was protective, caring and (almost) always tried his best, and we can hopefully say he would've been the same for Luke and Leia.

Alrich Wren

Alrich Wren is the father of Sabine and Tristan. While we haven't seen very much of him, we know that he loved his family and they loved him too. We also know that he and Sabine clearly share a special bond, as he passed his love of and appreciation for art down to her.

Ephraim Bridger

Ephraim was the father of Ezra Bridger, and while he unfortunately had his time with his son cut short (like many of the fathers on this list, actually), he left a legacy that went on to inspire Ezra to take up the fight himself and eventually liberate Lothal- and I'm sure Ephraim would've been very proud to see that.

Owen Lars

Owen is Luke's uncle and father-figure who raised him on Tatooine. While he and Luke would certainly butt heads at times, they still clearly cared about one another and had a strong relationship. Owen was a very important figure in Luke's life, and one that was dearly missed for sure.

Bail Organa

Bail is the man who raised Leia on Alderaan. Much of who Leia is can be owed to the Organas. They taught her how to handle tough situations and be diplomatic, even against less-than-respectful adversaries. Most importantly, though, they taught her to stand up for others and inspired her to take on the Rebellion duties they left behind after the destruction of her home planet.

Kanan Jarrus

Probably my favorite of the space dads, Kanan is the father figure of Sabine and Ezra in Star Wars Rebels, and the father of Jacen Syndulla. Kanan is patient and kind, though still firm and protective of his family at the same time. He's willing to do anything for his family, and he's always putting in the work to help them build themselves up.

Kes Dameron

Kes is the father of Poe Dameron. While Poe is mostly known for his connection to his mother, he also has a bond to his father. While we know that that relationship became a little more tumultuous as Poe became a rebellious teenager, Poe and Kes still loved each other, and Kes especially loved his son more than anything, and worked tirelessly to make sure he was safe.

Han Solo

While Han's relationship with his own son, Ben, ended up... like that... that doesn't mean Han didn't have others who looked up to him like a father. Rey and Finn especially formed a connection with him in The Force Awakens, and followed his guidance as a mentor as they both took their first steps into a larger galaxy, and they clearly held his influence close to their heart for long afterwards.

Din Djarin

Din the Dadalorian! He's definitely a new father, and throughout his series we watch him learn the ropes and struggle with learning how to take care of little Grogu, but it's a fun journey for all, and I loved watching them grow closer and closer with each little adventure. Din and Grogu's connection was the heart of the series' first two seasons, and we really got to see Din learn how to dad in the best ways.

Jarek Yeager

While Yeager has an unfortunately deceased daughter of his own, where we really see his fatherly tendencies shine is with Team Fireball. Neeku, Kaz and Tam all clearly love and look up to Yeager, and value his guidance and care. Yeager is a great dad to his little team, and though he often acts annoyed with them (especially Kaz), his love is very obviously there when he's being protective of them and helping them out when he can.

Immanuel Doza

Doza is the other Star Wars Resistance dad. The father of Torra Doza can seem a little harsh to certain people on the Colossus, but he's soft with Torra. The pair share many very cute moments together as a family, and he worries about her when she's out fighting in a way he does with no one else. Doza is very caring with his daughter, and makes sure she has the best he can give her.

Clone Force 99

Finally, we have the Dad- sorry, the Bad Batch. I'm including them all here, because they've all kind of come together as a weird little team to form one whole father for Omega so far in the series. They teach her how to use their equipment, protect herself and fight, and make sure she gets things to make her happy- like her toys, her own little room and post-mission popcorn runs with Wrecker. They're still learning the ropes, but they're a great team that's good at many different types of things, and that apparently includes parenting.

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