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Appreciating Some Star Wars Moms

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you use today to appreciate the mothers and mother-figures in your life, and if you're a mother yourself, I hope you have the opportunity to take a nice break today! Moms do a lot for us, and they do in Star Wars too. To celebrate today, I'd like to show some appreciation for fifteen Star Wars moms that I think deserve it.

This post contains spoilers for The Bad Batch Episode 2.

Shmi Skywalker

You can never talk about Star Wars mothers without bringing up the OG. Shmi raised her son all on her own in the brutal life of a slave on Tatooine. Shmi is selfless and kind, and she cares deeply for her son. She's willing to let him- her only family- leave to go with the Jedi because she knows it would be a better life for him. Shmi is a lovely woman who taught her son the value of helping others at all times.

Suu Lawquane

I was really happy to see Suu turn up in the latest episode of The Bad Batch. While our time with Suu may be limited compared to some other characters, we know from The Clone Wars that she is a strong woman who defends her children with everything she has. And we see in The Bad Batch that she uses this maternal strength to defend other children too- she jumps into action without question when Omega needs help. Suu is equally caring and strong, making her a great mother.

Padmé Amidala

Unfortunately, Padmé didn't get to spend much time with the children she gave birth to, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get my respect as a mom. Padme is strong, protective and independent, and someone that the people she loves can always trust and rely on. And we can see that she's caring and kind to those younger than her- her relationship with Ahsoka in The Clone Wars and Forces of Destiny prove that. While Padmé didn't have much time as a mom in the official sense, she still exhibited the qualities of a good mom throughout her life.

Ursa Wren

While Ursa's relationship with her daughter can be a bit strained, that doesn't mean she isn't a good mom. Ursa is fiercely protective of her daughter when it really comes down to it, even if they butt heads sometimes. While Ursa values Mandalorian tradition, she easily violates it when she needs to to save her daughter. Ursa loves her family, even if it doesn't always seem that way- she just expresses it a little differently.

Mira Bridger

Mira Bridger's time with her son was cut tragically short, but she still inspired him long after that. Mira and her husband broadcast anti-Imperial messages before the Rebellion had two feet planted on the ground, and though Ezra lost them when he was very young, he still missed the warmth he felt from them, and used their legacy to inspire himself and others to rise up against oppression.

Breha Organa

One of the things I loved most about Leia: Princess of Alderaan was getting to know Breha Organa. Though Breha is barely a presence on-screen, in that novel we get to know her very well. She is the strong queen of Alderaan, who leads her own people as well as supports the wider Rebellion in the galaxy. She's a great role model for Leia, as well as a caring mother sho supports her daughter and knows her very well.

Beru Lars

Beru is a character that doesn't get as much appreciation for being a mom, and that's a crime. Beru happily takes Luke from Obi-Wan when he arrives on Tatooine, and does her very best to raise him with Owen. While Luke clashes with Owen sometimes about the farm life versus the exciting one that he dreams of, Beru is more supportive of Luke and understands that he has a burning desire for adventure. She's kind and caring, and a great mother-figure for her nephew.

Hera Syndulla

While Hera didn't have a biological child until the end of Star Wars Rebels, she was our favorite space mom long before that. Hera is protective of her family, and especially of her space kids, Ezra and Sabine. Beyond just protecting them, though, Hera is there to teach them, help them grow and learn, as well as support them when they need someone to talk to or lean on. Hera has the qualities of a great mother- she's kind, compassionate, caring, and fierce.

Lyra Erso

Lyra Erso is a fiery, brave mom willing to sacrifice everything for her daughter. Lyra love Jyn with all of her heart, and confronts Krennic underarmed in order to make sure that she gets away safe. Lyra's passion inspires Jyn as she grows up, and Jyn always holds onto the necklace that her mother gave her all through her life, right to the end.

Shara Bey

Like Mira Bridger, Shara's time with her son was also tragically cut short. She's a strong mom, who fights in the Rebellion to give Poe a better life, one without the Empire looming over everybody. And once the war ends, she spends all the time she can with Poe, teaching him how to fly even from a young age. Even after her untimely death, Shara's teachings and her adventurous spirit inspire Poe to go on adventures and join a just cause of his own.

Leia Organa

Leia's story of motherhood is a tragic one, but she's still a strong maternal figure in the lives of others. Leia did her best to take care of her son, Ben, as a family, but even after he strayed to the dark side, she didn't stop filling a motherly role for characters who needed it. Most notably was Poe Dameron, who she mentored in the Resistance, as well as becoming a mentor and parent figure for Rey when she was in need of one. Leia's fiery passion and kind heart make her a wonderful mother not just to her own son, but to anyone in need of that kind of love.

Norra Wexley

Norra is a mom that we follow in the Aftermath trilogy. She's the mother of Temmin, or "Snap" in the sequel trilogy. Norra is a great pilot and great mother. She teaches Temmin much of what he knows, and though they don't always agree, Norra and Temmin have a really strong bond with one another. Norra and Temmin are each others strengths, and they rely on each other often, making them such a lovely mother-son duo.

Iden Versio

Iden becomes a mom following the end of the Empire, and when the First Order rises she goes adventures with her daughter, Zay. Like several other mothers on this list, Iden teaches her daughter how to fly, shoot and more. Iden is soft with her daughter, and the two clearly have a loving relationship, and their bond grows especially stronger after the death of Iden's husband. Iden is kind but firm mom, and a great one we connect to in the Battlefront II story.


Omera is the brave mother we meet in The Mandalorian. Omera protects her daughter from the raiders that attack their village, and encourages her daughter to have some amount of independence by spending time with the other children. She raises her daughter to be kind- as shown by Winta's kindness towards Grogu. Omera's strength and desire for her daughter to be safe and happy in their village is shown by her willingness to fight in a battle so that their village can be freed from the fear of the marauders once and for all.

Venisa Doza

Finally, we have Venisa Doza. Venisa is Torra's mom from Star Wars Resistance. Venisa loves her daughter, and her daughter loves her- as shown by Torra's excitement when they reunite. Venisa's piloting is what inspires Torra to pursue that path for herself. Venisa is out there fighting for a better galaxy for her daughter to live in, just as she did before Torra was even born. Venisa's dedication and compassion are what make her such a fun character, and one that I hope we'll get to see more of.

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