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Book Review: Ahsoka

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

I recently re-read the Ahsoka novel, and was reminded of why it's my favorite Star Wars book. It not only is a great and necessary piece of Ahsoka's story, but it also really puts us in the world of an ex-Jedi immediately following Order 66, and we get a sense of what the galaxy is like at that time, as well as the very, very early beginnings of the Rebellion that eventually triumphs over the Empire. It's also the first time I've read this book since season 7 of The Clone Wars came out, which I think put things in much better perspective, even if some of the details are changed. This book is definitely a must-read for Ahsoka fans, and I'd advise any fan of The Clone Wars and Rebels to read it too!

Spoilers ahead for Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston!

Ahsoka's journey is definitely the best part of this book. She's in a really tough spot, traveling the galaxy to trying to balance her own sense of morals with knowing that she has to hide. She finds herself on the rural planet Raada, and finds connection with the peaceful people there and the nonexistent Imperial presence there, but unfortunately the Empire soon arrives, all but completely enslaving the people and forcing them to grow plants for their ration supplements that destroy the soil. Ahsoka finds herself going back and forth from Raada, caught between knowing that she has to help them and also that her presence puts them in more danger. She runs into Bail Organa (and has the cutest reunion with R2-D2), and is able to get help from the beginnings of Rebellion forces to rescue Raada, which leads to many of them signing up to join the cause, and Ahsoka becoming Fulcrum, managing the communications. It such a great growth for her over the book, realizing it's just not in her nature to hide and not get involved when people are suffering, and I really enjoyed the development in this book.

Another part of this book I love is the Larte sisters (I'm always a sucker for sister pairs). Kaedan and Miara have such a great dynamic, both being protective of each other and caring about the bond they have above all else. Kaedan especially is one of my favorite characters across Star Wars books. I admire that though she knows very little about war or fighting, she's passionate enough to put herself in harms way for others. She's an incredibly relatable and cool character, and I really hope for her to appear more in future Star Wars stories.

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Melissa H
Melissa H

Sounds like a great book! ♥️

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