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Book Review: Quest for the Hidden City

I recently read Quest for the Hidden City, and it was a great read! A relatively short story, but a very exciting one with an intriguing mystery and endearing characters. The High Republic Phase II is off to a great start already with all of its stories, and this is another great one to the collection.

Spoilers ahead for Quest for the Hidden City by George Mann.

The part of the book I definitely enjoyed the most was unravelling the mystery around a suspicious set of events surrounding a Jedi Pathfinder team going missing. The book starts with their droid floating through space with a distress call, and we follow another Pathfinder team that is sent to find out what happened. We learn about an alien Katikoot society and their exploitation of a nearby moon, and learn that all but one of the Jedi on the team had not only been killed, but been betrayed by the very Katikoot that was sent to guide the new team on their mission. It was so thrilling to figure out what happened as the reader gathers all the pieces while the characters have split up and each only get some of them, and it's so much fun to read.

Another part of the book that I really loved was all of the worldbuilding. Through reading, you really got such a feel for Katikoot culture and history despite the fact that the book isn't very long. I also liked learning a little bit about the Jedi pathfinders in this story, and I'm very excited for the role they will no doubt have to play in the future of the High Republic storytelling.

The characters were also all so interesting. There are many, and all of them feel fleshed out, dynamic and like they have a real history to them, which I loved. My favorites were in the Jedi Pathfinder team we follow for most of the book, particularly the Jedi padawan Rooper, who had a particularly endearing adventurous spirit, and her more reserved master, Sho. I also loved the pilot who had a vividly described colorful design and a great attitude, or the pair of droids that constantly quarreled. There were so many great characters that really added so much flavor to the book, and I certainly hope to see more of them in the future.

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