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Book Review: The Great Jedi Rescue

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I picked up The Great Jedi Rescue not realizing it was just a toned-down retelling of the first part of Light of the Jedi. However, that doesn't mean I regret it- one, it comes with stickers, and I love stickers, but also it's fun to see illustrations of stories I already know. If you haven't already, I'd recommend also reading my review of Light of the Jedi where I go more in depth about that book.

Spoilers ahead for both The Great Jedi Rescue and Light of the Jedi!

As I already said, The Great Jedi Rescue is a retelling of the first of three parts in Light of the Jedi. Which was great for me, because my favorite scene of the book is included in those three parts, the one where all the Jedi work together through the Force to stop a giant container of tibanna gas from colliding with a star. The writing doesn't go as in detail as Light of the Jedi does, obviously, but it was really great to see that scene illustrated.

I also liked getting to see the Jedi characters that I knew and loved from Light of the Jedi. While a few were depicted on the cover of that book, I really enjoyed seeing the ones that weren't, and being able to put a face to the name. One character in particular that I liked in Light of the Jedi that I hadn't gotten to see an artistic rendition of yet was Bell Zettifar, the one with long dreadlocks and a green lightsaber on the cover of The Great Jedi Rescue. I didn't really mention him in my review of Light of the Jedi because I tried to keep it a little short, but I really enjoyed his character arc where he learned how to overcome his fears when it really mattered, and that being a Jedi is truly about protecting others. His relationship with his master, Loden Greatstorm (who is also in The Great Jedi Rescue), as well as other Jedi characters.

In my review of Light of the Jedi, I talked about how refreshing it was to read about the Star Wars galaxy in such an optimistic way, and Cavan Scott definitely carries that over in The Great Jedi Rescue.

The artistic depiction of my favorite scene

Overall, I'd definitely recommend picking up The Great Jedi Rescue if you're looking for a quick retelling (with pictures!) of the beginning of Light of the Jedi, and for some awesome High Republic stickers.

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