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Hair Timelines: Saw Gerrera

In a recent episode of the podcast, we discussed tracking time through the evolution of Saw Gerrera's hair. There's a few characters that you can do this with to a degree, which is why this might be a mini series of works, but who better (and more topical) to start with than the man who started the conversation himself. In this article I'll be using BBY, or "Before the Battle of Yavin" to track time, basically just how many years before A New Hope the media (and hairstyle) takes place.

20 BBY: Short Black Hair, Goatee

In Saw's first appearance all the way back in The Clone Wars, his hair is black with some a little brown in it. It's short, and he has a small goatee on his chin.

19 BBY: Spiky Brown Hair, Bigger Goatee

Only a little bit later, when we Saw in The Bad Batch, his hair was slightly longer, a bit spiky and a little lighter, more of a brown than a black. His goatee is also a little bigger and covers more of his chin.

17-14 BBY: Bald, Beard

In the Rogue One prologue and a few years later in Jedi: Fallen Order, Saw is bald on top of his head, but is sporting a black beard.

5 BBY: Graying Hair, Thinner Beard

While we haven't gotten to this part of Andor yet so it very well could be in a flashback of some sort, assuming this shot of Saw does take place in the primarily timeline of the show, it seems Saw has regrown his hair though shaved his beard a little bit, and is starting to go a little gray.

2 BBY: Bald, Graying Beard

But maybe Saw decided that hair wasn't for him, because when we first see him in season 3 of Rebels he is bald again, but with a fuller graying beard than what we saw in Andor.

1-0 BBY: Gray Thick Hair and Beard

But only a little bit after this, Saw changes his mind once again. He keeps the beard, but decides to grow his hair out longer again, and more embraces the gray now. This is the Saw we see in season 4 of Rebels, and in the bulk of Rogue One- and therefore, unfortunately the last Saw that gets to play with his hair.

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Melissa H
Melissa H
Sep 30, 2022

Love this

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