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Highlighting Black Creatives Behind the Galaxy Far, Far Away - Carl Weathers

Last week to start our series of articles Black characters and creatives, we took a look at Avon Starros and her inspiring qualities. In light of the tragic passing of Carl Weathers, I thought it would be a good time to look at his work in Star Wars and the incredible legacy he leaves us.

While Carl Weathers had a number of iconic roles throughout his career, as Star Wars fans we were lucky to have him as Greef Karga. Greef is an amazing character, who develops over the course of the show from a shady leader of the Bounty Hunter's Guild to a Magistrate, proudly leading and protecting his people and doing everything he can to preserve a peaceful life for them. Brimming with signature Carl Weathers charm and humor, he breathed life into the role and made Greef Karga the character we know and love.

But beyond his on-screen presence, Carl contributed to Star Wars behind the scenes as well. Carl directed several episodes of The Mandalorian, bringing his years of high-profile experience to the table and supporting the others actors on-screen to make the show what we know it to be. His kindness behind the scenes of every episode, whether he was in the director's chair or not, clearly left a lasting impression on his fellow castmates and members of the crew, and his contributions to Star Wars will always be invaluable.

Carl Weathers will be dearly missed, but as Star Wars fans we are very lucky that he chose to spend so much of his time creating the stories that we love so much. Our condolences go to his family.

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