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Highlighting Black Creatives Behind the Galaxy Far, Far Away - Rick Famuyiwa

We're getting close to the end of February, but we're still celebrating Black History Month by celebrating Black characters in and creatives behind the galaxy far, far away. Two weeks ago we covered the late Carl Weathers, and this week I'd like to cover another director of The Mandalorian- Rick Famuyiwa.

Rick Famuyiwa is an accomplished filmmaker and has directed and written some amazing episodes of The Mandalorian, and in Season 3 became an executive producer of the show. In total he's credited in some way on 11 of the show's 24 episodes. He directed what I think is one of the best episodes in the show, "The Believer" in Season 2. His contributions to Star Wars aren't limited to The Mandalorian, though, as he also directed the fantastic finale of Ahsoka.

Rick Famuyiwa is an incredible director who brings an energy through the camera that really captures so much of that Star Wars spirit we know and love. I also love his energy in behind-the-scenes interviews- Rick is clearly passionate and excited about not just working on Star Wars but just getting to be a part of the storytelling process in general. He also has a purposeful way of speaking, and I love his perspective on the importance of diversity both behind the camera and in front of the camera as discussed in an interview with last year. It's important both to provide opportunities and representation for everybody and to keep stories fresh and exciting.

Everything Star Wars with his name on it has been amazing, and I can't wait to see what he's able to bring us in the future.

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