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Highlighting My Favorite Droids

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Star Wars, of course, is full of droids. These droids serve all different functions, and all have various personalities. And honestly, I have some amount of love for all droids in the Star Wars universe... but that post would be way too long. This week, I'd just like to spotlight some of my favorites, in no particular order- emphasis on some, as I realized halfway through writing that this article was way too long, so I cut it down quite a bit. Never fear- I will be writing a part 2 highlighting even more awesome droids soon!

R2-D2 & C-3PO

R2-D2 (left) and C-3PO (right) in The Clone Wars

I think I'd be failing as a Star Wars fan if I didn't mention R2-D2 and C-3PO first on a list of droids, right? R2-D2 and C-3PO are the best, classic example of a strong droid bond. Sure, they bicker all the time, and C-3PO tends to have very creative insults for his counterpart (though I don't doubt that R2-D2 has more colorful ones that we just aren't privy to), but they really are important to each other. R2-D2 and C-3PO are always rescuing each other when they need it (probably more R2 rescuing C-3PO, but C-3PO sticks his neck out for R2 quite a bit), and C-3PO and R2 are very excited to reunite when R2-D2 reactivates in The Force Awakens. Not to mention how C-3PO offers his own parts when R2 needs repairs in A New Hope.

R2-D2 is always doing awesome things- he especially rocks in the prequels and The Clone Wars, where he gets to fly around and just generally be awesome. But Threepio, being a protocol droid, doesn't get to do that. However, he does get to really show off his abilities in The Rise of Skywalker, where he's indispensable to our rebels and really a highlight of the movie.

R7-A7, CH-33P & RG-G1

From left to right, RG-G1, CH-33P (or Cheep) and R7-A7 in The Clone Wars

Of course, as an Ahsoka fan, I have to bring up R7. And since the Siege of Mandalore, I can't bring up R7 without bringing up his brave friends, Cheep and RG. R7 is a droid that I've always liked since I was a kid, mostly because he was Ahsoka's droid, but also I just like his lime and burgundy color pallet. He honestly doesn't do much but be there in the early seasons, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see him in season 7. His reunion with Ahsoka was one I didn't know I needed, and was more emotional for me than I'd have thought. But regardless, R7 really gets to shine in the Order 66 episodes at the end of The Clone Wars.

He, along with Cheep and RG are invaluable allies to Ahsoka. They help her capture Rex, and then bravely stand with Rex and Ahsoka as they make their escape from the ship- and these droids, though just astromechs, make a brave sacrifice to help Ahsoka and Rex make it out alive.


From left to right, R2-D2, U9-C4, WAC-47, M5-BZ and QT-KT in The Clone Wars

Forget Domino Squad, Inferno Squad, Anvil Squadron- any of them. D-Squad is where it's at. Made up of the astromechs R2, QT-KT, U9-C4, M5-BZ and the pit droid WAC-47, this squad was a great asset to the Republic, stealing some important plans from the Separatists. Not only that, but they stayed very loyal to one another, refusing to let any droid be left behind. The droid solidarity we saw from D-Squad was very great, especially when we saw them free some droids from the Separatists (like BNI-393, or Bunny- I always loved those servant droids, they're so cute).

What is also so admirable about D-Squad is how crafty they were. Their mission went very, very wrong, but they refused to give up! They always kept pushing on and pushing on, persistent and never losing hope, even when their organic leader did. D-Squad was able to find Gregor, who worked at a burger restaurant, and help him remember that he was a Republic Commando clone trooper, and enlisted his help- even though he didn't actually make it home with them.

Todo 360

Todo 360 and Cad Bane in The Clone Wars

Poor, poor Todo. He didn't ask for any of this.

Todo was so sweet. He was just a cute little droid trying to help out his bounty hunter master. And Cad Bane sent him in with a bomb, and didn't even tell him! Poor Todo was just trying to do his job. He had a slight attitude, yes, but wouldn't you if you had to deal with an annoyed Cad Bane all the time? Todo was only trying to do what was best for the mission, and instead Cad Bane sent him in to just blow up. How mean. #JusticeForTodo

C1-10P & AP-5

C1-10P or Chopper (left) and AP-5 (right)

I think it's pretty obvious that I'm a huge Chopper fan. Comes with the territory of being a Star Wars Rebels fan, I think. Chopper is a lovable (but pretty violent) droid, who is just as good as fixing things as he is being terrifying with blasters in his little claw arms. But what I really love about Chopper is how he really cares for the crew. Sure, he torments them a little bit, but he's there to help and support them when they really need it.

And then, of course, there's AP-5. AP-5 is a snarky little droid who just wants to keep our rag-tag band of rebels organized, even though most of them are pretty messy. So, he's understandably pretty annoyed at all times. But we love AP-5 anyway- especially for his little musical number in space, that got cut short by Chopper's rescue. The two droids have a pretty cute bond, both having an attitude but a respect and even affection for one another.


K-2SO in Rogue One

I mean, doesn't everyone love K-2SO? He by far had the best one-liners in Rogue One, but we also know that he's more than that. When he's not being the funny and sarcastic droid who doesn't always listen to what he's told, he does have a heart (well, not technically, but you know what I mean). K-2 has a real bond with Cassian, and does seem to grow one with Jyn in the time that they know each other.

Not to mention, he is totally super capable in combat- whether's he's shooting or just smacking people around, which is super cool to see. I will say though- fighting his brethren in Jedi: Fallen Order? Very scary. The first time I saw one show up I was like "oh cool, I love those droids!" Not anymore.


Bucket in Star Wars Resistance

We love Bucket. He's a crabby old man type of droid, but he's a good worker and pretty brave when faced with the First Order (even to the point of getting blasted, poor thing).

What I really love about Bucket is how unique he looks. We tend not to see droids wearing helmets- especially not astromechs. But Bucket rocks his pilot helmet, which is perfect for when he flies with Yeager. Bucket doesn't get too much action in Resistance's two seasons, but hopefully if we get to see Team Fireball again, we'll see Bucket really show off his skills.

BB-8 & CB-23

CB-23 (left) and BB-8 (right) in Star Wars Resistance

BB-8 of course took the world (and our hearts) by storm when we first saw him in promotional material for The Force Awakens- I know I personally was fully decorated in BB-8 merch at the theater. And BB-8 is great! We love that little droid- he's got a bit of an attitude, is fiercely loyal to Poe, Rey and Finn (aren't we all) and it's just so much fun to watch him roll around the screen, making his cute little noises.

Then comes along another droid to steal our hearts- CB-23. CB-23 is the sweet but brave companion to Kaz through much of the series when BB-8 has to go and help Poe go do important plot stuff- though in their brief moments together, BB and CB seem to have a pretty sweet droid bond, which is always lovely to see. CB-23 is also brave in the face of the First Order- she even fights back against their droid torture!

0-0-0 & BT-1

0-0-0 or Triple Zero (left) and BT-1 (right) in the Doctor Aphra comics

I'm pretty sure my sister would have my head if I didn't mention these murderbots. While I'm woefully far behind on the comic books, I have to say that I loved Triple Zero and BT in the Doctor Aphra audio drama. Especially Triple Zero.

Both droids were fun, energetic and full of personality... even if that personality is just "evil and violent." It makes for a very fun story.

Also personally, the whole concept behind these droids is just great to me. "C-3PO and R2-D2 but super evil" sounds kinda ridiculous at first, but I actually think that these characters are executed well, making them very likable. But in like, a murder-y kinda way.


R3-S6 (Goldie) in The Clone Wars

Alright, look. I get it. This one is gonna be controversial, that's why I saved it for last.

"But Goldie is a bad guy! He tried to replace R2!" Yeah, I know. I still love him, I just can't help it. He's just a sweet little guy- it's not his fault Grievous got in his poor round head. It's just hard for me to look at a cute little astromech droid and see evil. And while logically I know that he messed stuff up for Ahsoka, Anakin and the clones on purpose as part as his mission, I still just feel like he was messing up because the little guy was just trying his best and making a few mistakes. Goldie is just too endearing for me not to like him.

And come on, you can't tell me you don't feel a little bad for him when he begs for his life before R2 lets him fall. I mean that was just mean.

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