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Highlighting Women Behind the Galaxy Far, Far Away - Leslye Headland

As Women's History Month continues, we continue to highlight some of the important women who shape Star Wars behind the scenes. With the release of the trailer for The Acolyte earlier this week, it seems like a perfect time to talk about Leslye Headland.

Although we have yet to see The Acolyte and truly appreciate her contributions to Star Wars, I think we can all agree that the trailer is exciting and makes the show look absolutely amazing. Since we can't really talk about the show yet, I wanted to focus on both Leslye Headland's impressive resume as well as her Star Wars street cred.

Leslye is very accomplished as a writer, director and producer. She worked on Bachelorette, 2018's Heathers series, Russian Doll and many more. Her experience as a writer, director and producer is something that I'm sure served her well working on The Acolyte, and will hopefully continue to serve her in future seasons.

Leslye has been a long time Star Wars fan as well, and particularly a fan of the books, particularly ones from the old Expanded Universe, ideas from which she promises are incorporated in the show. It really is wonderful to listen to her talk with such clear passion for the galaxy far, far away, and I'm excited to see how her knowledge of and passion for both the art of storytelling and Star Wars come together to bring this story to us.

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