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How Ahsoka Tano Inspires Me Everyday

Ahsoka was my first favorite character. From like, anything. I still remember seeing The Clone Wars movie in theaters for the first time as a kid, and how I instantly fell in love with her character when she stepped off of the shuttle. I was totally hooked- I thought she had a cool design, she did cool things, she was nice, funny and relatable, and I was just really, really excited to see a girl Jedi put in the spotlight like she was.

Ahsoka has grown a lot since 2008, and so have I. Yet I still find myself going back to her and her story, and she continues to inspire and uplift me.

One thing that I really relate to about Ahsoka is that while she has a willingness to learn, sometimes stubbornness can get the best of her. Over the years, some of the most important lessons that she learns are the ones that she resists the most at first. It's an important lesson that I'm still learning- sometimes the hardest things to hear are the things you need to hear the most. When I'm struggling with that, I can (and often do) look back to the lessons that Ahsoka learned.

Another way I try to channel Ahsoka in my life is standing up for myself. While I can be a little stubborn sometimes, I also have a habit of being a bit of a doormat. Ahsoka's strong will and ability to stand up for herself really inspires me to do the same for myself. It can be scary, for sure, but it's something I'm trying to do better with as I grow. While she does often have support from her friends, she still fights and advocates for herself when no one else will, something I'm still learning how to do.

Finally, the way that Ahsoka most inspires me is her persistence. She goes through a lot through the stories we see her in, but she never gives up. She always keeps going, making it to the next day and the next. It can be easy, especially nowadays, to feel really hopeless and alone, but Ahsoka helps to inspire me to keep going and have hope for better days. When I want to give up, I can just take a deep breath and channel Ahsoka to help me stay on my feet.

Ahsoka is a powerful character and a strong presence for many of us, and I know I'm not the only one inspired by her. How does Ahsoka inspire you?

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