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Jawas in the Galaxy You Should Know About

Everyone loves jawas. If they don't, then they should. While we have yet to get the epic jawa adventure that we deserve, that doesn't mean that they're aren't important jawas in the galaxy for us to love.


One of many dynamic playable characters in the upcoming Star Wars Hunters game is Utooni, a pair of jawa brothers who fight in the arena and bicker about which weapon to use. We don't know very much about their backstory, but I am totally in love with them already and can't wait to main them when the game comes out.

The Dusty Jawas

While we don't have any official images (though I would absolutely do anything for a poster to have), The Dusty Jawas are a band of jawas. Like, a musical band. You can listen to their song Utinni on DJ R3X's playlist, and I adore it. It's really great.


My favorite jawa is from Griffin McElroy's story in From a Certain Point of View, "Stories in the Sand." Jot is a tiny jawa who is tasked with wiping droids. However, a jawa with big dreams, he always watches the memories of the droids so that he can learn about the galaxy and see these big adventures. His sandcrawler of jawas are some of the ones that capture R2, and he decides not to wipe R2 after realizing R2 is a hero on a mission. The story about Jot is so, so adorable, and I'd highly recommend reading it.

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I am listening to the newly discovered Utinni by Dusty Jawas while I write this. I LOVE IT! Great job Star Wars Geek Girl. I'm pretty sure I heard them say "Sugaaaaa" (from BTS) LOL


Melissa H
Melissa H
Mar 18, 2022

Jawas! 😍 Awwww, Jot 🥰

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