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Rebels Remembered 2021

So, it's been quite a few years since Star Wars Rebels aired its last episode, but my love for it and the impact that it has had on my life has not diminished one bit.

I've written a lot about Rebels here. There's the Mise-en-Wren series I did discussing it's mise-en-scene, as well as some of the themes and things that make Rebels so great. And while I could talk more about those parts of Rebels, I'd rather just talk about the way that it's impacted me.

I think the most profound way that Rebels has impacted me is how it's introduced me to so many people I now consider to be a part of my family. There's the Perales family, or the Rogue Rebels, who I love dearly. They've been kind enough to welcome me into their home the few times I've been out in California, and I always enjoy spending time with them, and talking to them on podcasts about everything Star Wars-related. And of course, especially close to my heart is Lizzy, my fellow Sabine who does this podcast with me (even if we haven't been able to podcast for a while because of school busy-ness). Lizzy is my best friend, and I always look forward to seeing her when I can, and it's always fun and exciting.

There's also Johnamarie of BlueJaigEyes/Geeky Bubble, who was one of my first role models when I was young coming into the online fandom more prominently. I still love getting to talk to Johna, she's absolutely a beacon in every fan community that she's involved in, and an absolute delight to talk to. I look up to Johna a lot, and she contributed so much to the Star Wars community (especially to the animated Star Wars fandom) and she's definitely one of my favorite people. Her kindness, intelligence and perseverance inspire me every day.

There's plenty more people too. Since Star Wars Rebels got me into podcasting, they also led me into getting in connection with other guests on the Our Star Wars Stories series, like Dale Hopkins, who's podcasted with us a few times and has been just so much fun to talk to each time, as well as all of the other amazing opportunities that I've had thanks to Star Wars Rebels.

The series has given me so much, and I'll always be grateful for it for that reason. Many articles here go over the impact Rebels has had on me, and many more will in the future. And while of course Rebels provides a lot of good for the Star Wars mythology as a whole, the community that it's created is always one of the strongest roots of my love for it.

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