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Sisterhood in Star Wars

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Star Wars (and popular media in general) tend to be pretty light with including pairs of sisters. There's plenty of pairs of brothers, or pairs of a brother and sister, but it can be a little more difficult to find two sisters. However, that doesn't mean impossible to find.

Sisterhood is very important to me. My mom has sisters, most of my cousins have sisters (and us cousins have pretty sisterly relationships to each other), and I myself have a close relationship to my little sister. So it's always really exciting for me to see sisters being awesome on the big screen, just like I know they are in real life. So, this week I want to highlight my favorite sisterly relationships in Star Wars!

Bo-Katan and Satine Kryze

Let's start with probably the most volatile of sisterly relationships in a galaxy- the Kryze sisters. Now, we do know that these two have another sibling, due to the presence of their nephew Korkie while neither are mothers (unless you subscribe to the Korkie Kenobi theory), but we only ever see Bo and Satine. These sisters are on opposite sides of the Mandalorian conflict through The Clone Wars- Satine being the peaceful duchess of the planet who is trying to make changes to the culture, while Bo-Katan is a member of Death Watch and a strong believer in Mandalorian warrior traditions. But despite being at odds and having this extreme conflict between them, the Kryze sisters can find some common ground when Bo-Katan loses faith in Death Watch's way of doing things as Maul takes over.

While unfortunately, Bo-Katan and Satine never get to truly reconcile because of Satine's death at the hands of Maul, we can see that even despite her apparent anger towards her sister, Bo-Katan still mourned Satine, and was heartbroken by her death. Despite the huge difference in ideals the women had, there was still definitely a sisterly love there, something I that makes me really relate and connect to both characters more.

Trace and Rafa Martez

Admittedly, Trace and Rafa are my favorite of the Star Wars sisters. I really liked Rafa especially. What I loved most about them was how protective Rafa is of Trace. While both girls are a little naive about the galaxy compared to Ahsoka, Rafa definitely is more knowledgable than Trace, and does her best to protect her little sister from harm. In turn, Trace really admires Rafa and loves her. They have a strong bond with one another, even when they argue, it's clear that there's a love there. Neither sister wants to let the other down, and feel guilty when they think that they do.

The Martez sisters are my favorites of the new characters introduced in season 7 of The Clone Wars (sorry, Bad Batch, love you too). They have such a fun, snappy dynamic, and provided us with a look into the "regular people" living in the Coruscant underworld. Not only that, but their sisterly relationship was fun and relatable for me, because I could definitely relate to Rafa being so protective of her younger sister. It also doesn't hurt that they both have great style.

Kaedan and Miara Larte

Cover of the Ahsoka novel pictured because there's no official art for the Larte sisters

It seems that Ahsoka has a tendency to hang around cool sister characters. Kaedan and Miara are the sisters that Ahsoka hangs out with in the Ahsoka novel by E. K. Johnston. Kaedan, like Rafa, is pretty protective of her younger sister, though she herself is pretty inexperienced with the galaxy. However, Kaedan doesn't have the same sassy streak that Rafa does. Kaedan is sweet and open to helping others, and tries to be a good role model for her younger sister, Miara.

Miara, like Trace, admires her older sister Kaedan, and is inspired by her courage in helping Ahsoka, leading to Miara later joining the Rebellion and turning up in a story in the A New Hope book, From a Certain Point of View. I remember reading the Ahsoka novel and really enjoying the dynamic that Kaedan and Miara had, and then being very excited when Miara turned up in From a Certain Point of View.

Rose and Paige Tico

Probably the most famous of the Star Wars sisters are the Tico sisters. While we don't actually see them interact in The Last Jedi, we don't need to to be able to tell how much love they share. In Paige's final moments, she touches her copy of the necklace that both women share, showing that she thought about Rose even at the end. As an older sister myself, I'm sure that Paige was worried about how Rose would feel in the event of her death, and was concerned about her.

When we're introduced to Rose, we see Finn find her crying and holding her copy of the shared necklace. All throughout the movie, Rose is very protective of her necklace, and touches it for good luck- and to feel like her sister is still with her. We know from the books that the girls escaped their homeworld together to join the Resistance, and clearly have a strong bond. And though Paige's sacrifice was needed to save the Resistance, you still have to feel very sad for Rose, since she lost her sister and closest friend.

While there are other sisters in the Star Wars galaxy, these are the most notable- and my favorites. Hopefully as we get more Star Wars, we get even more awesome sisters!

Just throwing in Tiplee and Tiplar because they're sisters. We don't know enough about them for me to write them a whole section but I like how they look.

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