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Star Wars Fashion Icons That Aren't Padmé Amidala

"But what do you have against Padmé?"

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I love Padmé. She unquestionably has the best outfits in Star Wars. Everybody knows that and that's exactly why I'm not including her. Or Leia either, for the same reason. Everybody uses them in their Star Wars fashion lists, and they of course deserve it, but I want to try and bring something a little bit different to the table. Highlight some other stylish Star Wars characters that don't always get the spotlight that they deserve because Padmé's big ornate headpieces keep blocking it out.

Lando Calrissian

Alright, maybe Lando is a bit of an obvious one to start out with. He's not far from Padmé or Leia when it comes to having his fashion sense acknowledged. But, he deserves it anyway, if only because his shirt from the end of Solo makes for one of my favorite Star Wars outfits. It's just so fun, and I love all of his capes and how they really just bring his looks together.

Hera Syndulla

While Hera tends to go for a more practical flight suit over style (even if she does pair it with a nice jacket sometimes, like in Squadrons) the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Occupation" does show some of her style. Her outfit is a little more low-key than who we usually think of when it comes to Star Wars fashion, but it looks comfortable and cute all the same, and I totally fell in love with that look when I saw it (if only Kanan could have too).


While Finn was stuck in his stormtrooper underclothes and Poe's jacket when he first left the First Order, once he was able to dress himself properly, he really showed off his style. Finn's outfit in The Rise of Skywalker is just beyond perfect to me. It's practical looking, but also very fun and stylish- and it just seems like it perfectly fits Finn, which is the most important thing when it comes to personal style.

Asajj Ventress

While we never got to actually see Ventress' gala dress in action since Dark Disciple was written into a novel, we have seen the concept art of it- and it looks beautiful. It's elegant without being too ornate, and seems perfect for Ventress' disguise. I'm sure it paired well with Quinlan Vos' gala outfit too...

Avar Kriss

Avar Kriss was a character that I just immediately liked while reading Light of the Jedi, so I had fun looking at the different art that's out there of her. While she officially has a few different outfits, this one with the leather armor is just my favorite. It's cool looking, seems to serve her well in battle, while also just being really pretty and nice to look at. It's a perfect design for her character

Rafa Martez

While both of the Martez sisters are pretty stylish, I am personally more partial to Rafa and her fancy coat. Rafa carries herself with dignity, and has the style to match- something that seems to be kinda important if you're trying to make a name for yourself in the Coruscant Underworld. Rafa has such a fun outfit, and I hope we see it (with her wearing it of course) again someday.

Poe Dameron

Even starting from The Force Awakens, Poe hardly seemed to be a stranger to style but he, like Finn, really hit his stride with it in The Rise of Skywalker. With a scarf and adventurer-like outfit, Poe looks really good in this movie, and I'm sure he made Leia proud.

Ahsoka Tano

Honestly, Ahsoka never misses with her outfits, but one that's always stuck out to me was her disguise for the Zygerrian arc in The Clone Wars. The ornate headpiece and jewelry paired with a really beautiful turquoise top and long skirt are just so beautiful, and I think stand out because of how different they are from her usual looks. This arc is a fun one, and Ahsoka's great outfit only helps to enhance it.

Breha Organa

Breha Organa's beautiful hair and dress are very underrated, likely just because of her extremely limited screentime. But that doesn't mean that her fashion sense should go unacknowledged. The rich blues that Breha wear along with the interesting sleeves make her dress really stand out, especially with the crown of braids over her head. Between this woman as her adoptive mom and Padmé as her biological mother, Leia definitely had no shortage of fashion sense passed down to her.


Yes, I am bringing up Qi'ra once again, because I love her. Qi'ra has quite a few outfits throughout the runtime of Solo, and all of them are just amazing. Though it's hard to choose, my favorite has to be the black dress that she wears when we first see her again aboard Dryden Vos' ship. It's simple, elegant, and just really gorgeous, and she definitely pulls it off very, very well.

Next week, I'll probably choose some more underrated fashion icons in Star Wars to write about. Who's outfits are you particularly fond of?

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