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Styling Star Wars

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Sometimes, wearing a Star Wars t-shirt just isn't enough, but it's hard to wear a cosplay out and about every day. So there are a lot of days where you need to combine fashion with fandom. Here are just two of my personal favorite methods of styling for your fandoms.

Character-Inspired Outfits

These outfits are always fun, like the one I wore above in Our Star War Stories where I wear a Sabine armored shirt with some "Sajeans" that I painted, though you can definitely get closer to the character. For example, I also have a blue jumpsuit that I got to be an outfit to mimic what Ahsoka wore in the Martez sisters arc, or a yellow shirt and brown skirt I got to mimic Penny from the game Stardew Valley (not a Star Wars, but a good example). When doing outfits like this, you can look up "Disneybounding" or "casual cosplay" for inspiration. Matching the general shapes and colors of the character you're trying to mimic can make for a really good outfit!

"Subtle" Merch

This is probably my favorite way to do styles like this, and it can in fact go hand in hand (and often does for me) with the first way. This is styling with merch that doesn't literally say "Star Wars" in big letters on your shirt or have a big picture of Grogu, but might have symbols or designs to evoke our favorite Star Wars characters or places. I commonly go to stores like Her Universe to find clothes and bags like this, but I'm also in love with the Star Wars collection of sunglasses from DIFF Eyewear, a company that provides great quality glasses and also donates eyewear to those in need. They may not scream Star Wars to people who aren't familiar with the galaxy far, far away, but they have classy designs that work in all settings and are still plenty Star Wars-inspired for fans. They have designs based on classic characters like Leia, Luke, Chewie, Boba Fett, R2-D2 and C-3PO, as well as newer favorites like Ahsoka, Din Djarin and Grogu. They're currently running a BOGO deal on some pairs, so check out the collection!

Sponsored by DIFF Eyewear.

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Melissa H
Melissa H
Jan 13, 2022

I love those sunglasses! Definitely want a pair! Going to check them out rn.

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