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Ten Jedi that Deserve a Spotlight in Tales of the Jedi

Tales of the Jedi finally released a couple of days ago, and it was AMAZING! It was so great to see some animated anthology stories about such interesting and beloved characters and Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano. But one can't help but wonder- if Tales of the Jedi were to continue, who are some Jedi that we would want to see tales about? Here are some that I personally would love to see in animated form.

Ady Sun'Zee

Ady Sun'Zee isn't a particularly well-known Jedi, you'd likely only be familiar with her if you'd played the High Republic missions in the VR game, Tales from Galaxy's Edge (it's all tales, isn't it?). But she's such an interesting character- a padawan who was tempted and basically possessed by Dark Side artifacts, who killed her master under their control. I'd love to see some more stories with her, perhaps an adventure with her master (who we never actually see in the game), or some with the padawan she's taken on by the second mission.

Rey Skywalker

While we know much of Rey's story as an emerging Jedi, we have yet to know much of what she does following The Rise of Skywalker. I'd love to see some tales about her trying to train Finn in the Force, possibly forming her own Temple, and doing more studying as she tries to follow in the footsteps of the Jedi before her without making their same mistakes.

Mace Windu

Mace Windu did make an appearance in Tales of the Jedi, but i would love to see him get some stories of his own. He's a really interesting character, and I'd love to see his background explored and how he came to be who we know him as in the prequels and Clone Wars. Plus, I'm really curious to see what his padawan braid situation was and when he decided to shave his head.

Barriss Offee

Barriss is such a fascinating character, going from particularly dogmatic padawan of Luminara Unduli to a traitor of the Jedi. Her short story in Stories of Jedi and Sith was so interesting, and I'd love to see more of what leads to her actions at the end of The Clone Wars season 5, and then the fallout of it. How did Luminara react? What happened to her during Order 66? So many questions I'd love to see answers to, and I think Tales of the Jedi would be a perfect medium.

Jocasta Nu

Jocasta Nu is the badass librarian of the Jedi archives, and I'm rather curious about her. What path does one take to become a Jedi librarian rather than the many other options available? She's surely seen so much in her years at the library, what stories should she tell? I think she's a pretty neat character who deserves more attention than she's been given.

Plo Koon

Plo Koon is also a character that I loved every minute of seeing in The Clone Wars. Whether he's making sure the clones know he values their life just as much as any other, being like an uncle to Little 'Soka, or providing his own words of wisdom, it's always fun to hang out with Plo (and Plo's Bros). I'd love to see some more stories featuring Plo Koon and his particular brand of humor and wisdom, and of course more of the Wolfpack and young Ahsoka while we're at it.

Tera Sinube

Tera Sinube's prominent episode where he guides Ahsoka on patience is a really memorable one for me, and I'd like to see more stories like him. Perhaps a young Tera Sinube still having to learn such a lesson, and maybe more stories of him imparting such wisdom with impatient young padawans could be very fun.

Asajj Ventress

This is an easy one for me, because I love Ventress. While we know of her background thanks to flashbacks in The Clone Wars and stories like Dooku: Jedi Lost, there is still much I'd love to see about Ventress. I'd love to see more of the dynamic between her and her Jedi Master, her time in the arena on Rattatak, and of course, perhaps some bounty hunter adventures.

Quinlan Vos

In the same vein as Ventress, I believe that Quinlan Vos would be a great candidate for Tales from the Jedi. I'd love to see a story about his relationship with his padawan, Aayla Secura, maybe more The Clone Wars adventures and of course, what he's up to after Order 66! We know he's survived and seems to be carting younglings he finds to safety, and I think that would be so neat to watch!

Kanan Jarrus

Finally, the Jedi I would far and above most like to see some tales about is Kanan Jarrus. While the Kanan comics and A New Dawn cover a lot of his early history as a padawan and things that happen immediately following Order 66, as well as how he meets Hera, there's still plenty of ground to cover. We could get an adventure with him between the Kanan comics and A New Dawn, as well as maybe a short of him doing some extra training with Ezra, or maybe learn how he and Hera met Zeb or Sabine. But what I REALLY would like to see is some early tidbits of he and Hera's romance forming in the years before we see them in Star Wars Rebels. How they first really got together after Hera let him into the Ghost and some of the adventures they had when it was just the two of them would be so amazing to see.

Which Jedi would you like to see some tales about? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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