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The Best and Worst Star Wars Families to Have for Dinner

As we arrive to Thanksgiving, a day where we traditionally gather with our families to eat a huge meal (and then the leftovers for several days afterward), I'd like to think about which Star Wars families would make for a great family dinner... and which ones would make for a a terrible one.

Best: Ghost Crew

This is an obvious one! I love the Ghost Crew and the connection that they have with one another, and I think dinner with them would be very fun! I'd love to listen to their interesting conversations and hilarious banter for hours.

Worst: Skywalkers

This is another obvious one, and I shouldn't even have to explain it. The Skywalker family drama messed up the entire galaxy, surely a mere dinner table wouldn't survive. It would be entertaining maybe but... I'll pass.

Best: Dozas

The Doza family is small but mighty. Though their matriarch is separated from them for most of Resistance, there is undoubtedly love seeping through every interaction in this family. Between Torra's bubbly personality and the good humor of her parents, I think it would be a very nice dinner to attend.

Worst: Kryzes

While the Kryze sisters we know certainly care about each other their relationship is certainly extremely volatile. We could try banning politics from the dinner table, but I doubt that would last long at all- and then it just gets uncomfortable for everybody.

Best: Organas

If you've read Leia: Princess of Alderaan like I have, you'd know that the Organas threw a lot of dinner parties to cover up their strategy meetings with other rebel leaders. Therefore, you already know you're getting a good dinner out of it. Add to the fact that the Organas have a good relationship with each other and are a diplomatic family (so little fighting), and I think it would be a very nice dinner to attend for sure.

Worst: Kyrells

The Kyrells from Lost Stars are probably the last family I would want to have dinner with. They seem like overall cruel people except Thane, who does not get along with the rest of them at all. It wouldn't even be entertainingly dramatic it would just be really bad. I'll definitely pass.

Best: Bad Batch

This dinner would be pretty messy, but in the best way possible and very, very fun. Lots of laughter and shenanigans for sure, and I wouldn't want to miss it! Though there may be a little tension with Crosshair, I think it would definitely be outweighed by the fun with Omega and Wrecker.

Worst: Versios

While the family Iden makes with Del is one I would love to have dinner with, she and her parents would just be very uncomfortable. It would definitely be very tense with Iden's father, especially following Iden's defection from the Empire.

Best: Clan of Two

To be honest, I would just really really want to sit at a dinner table with Grogu. Din being there is cool and all (though it might be awkward if he doesn't take his helmet off to eat and just sits there), but can you imagine Grogu in a little high chair getting crumbs everywhere and being cute? That's all I really want.

Worst: Hux Family

Between Armitage being Brendol's illegitimate son and how Armitage would eventually help Phasma kill his father for his rise in power, I can't help but think that the pair having dinner together would be anything but tense and uncomfortable. Not a place I'd want to be for sure.

What do you think dinner would be like with Star Wars families? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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