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The Padmé Amidala Watchlist

We're still on Padmé lockdown while we wait for the Queen's Hope release in a few days, so this week I'd like to give you a little watchlist for her. It doesn't include the Padmé reading that's out there (Queen's Shadow, Queen's Peril and Thrawn: Alliances) or every appearance, like her Forces of Destiny shorts or every single episode of The Clone Wars she's in, but I think these are the most important appearances for her character (in my opinion).

The Phantom Menace

Our first introduction to Padmé is obviously very important. We see her as a Queen of Naboo standing up for her planet both in the Senate and on the battlefield, and I think getting to see a young Padmé in this position really provides so much context for her time as a senator when she's an adult.

Attack of the Clones

Attack of the Clones has so many key moments for her character. She faces assassination attempts in the senate, reconnects with Anakin, is involved in the start of a galaxy-wide war and gets married. This movie is so pivotal for her story, and is definitely a must-watch for Padmé.

"Bombad Jedi"

The Clone Wars episode "Bombad Jedi" lets us see Padmé with her family friend and mentor Onaconda Farr. The episode shows us her dedication to helping as many people as she can in the galaxy despite the war, and her willingness to forgive and be understanding. These are key components to her character, which I think make this episode important for her.

"Blue Shadow Virus" Arc

This arc of The Clone Wars brings us back to Naboo. In these episodes we really get an understanding of Padmé's dedication to her people, but also to the clone troopers she works with. Padmé is willing to die to keep the virus contained, which is very admirable. The "Blue Shadow Virus" episodes have always been some of the most memorable for me, and I think they show off Padmé really well.

"Senate Spy"

This is another very Padmé-centric episode that centers on her work as a senator, but we also see her as a spy in this episode on a former friend of hers. We get to see not only a more devious side of Padmé here, but also get some time to explore her relationship with Anakin.


In this episode, we see Padmé's determination in the face of danger, as well as her trust in her friends like Ahsoka. I love Padmé in this episode, even though I understand the frustrations that Ahsoka has with her, I think this episode shows a lot of her admirable qualities.

"Heroes on Both Sides" Arc

This is an arc that I think is a good one to watch for The Clone Wars in general because of the political context it has, but it's also a really great Padmé episode. We see here how dedicated she is to trying to find peace and prevent conflict, and her willingness to work with people and see their perspective, even if she doesn't agree.

"Senate Murders"

This is a Padmé episode that I really love! We get to see Padmé essentially act as a detective. This episode is a great look into Padmé's skills with logic and reasoning, as well as reminding us that she is no stranger to breaking the rules when she thinks it's the right thing to do.

"The Rise of Clovis" Arc

A follow up to "Senate Spy," Padmé once again spies on Clovis (and upsets Anakin). This is another arc that really provides a lot of good political context for the Star Wars galaxy, and I think shows off Padmé and the complications of her relationship with Anakin.

Revenge of the Sith

Finally, the closing chapter of Padmé's story in Revenge of the Sith. I don't think I need to explain why this movie is important to her character, as it makes us say goodbye to her, leaving us with her legacy to last through future stories.

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