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What We Love: 5 Things I Love About A New Hope

In this week's What We Love, we go all the way back to where it all began- Star Wars (1977), now known as A New Hope. I adore this movie (like I adore all the others, I guess), and am glad to take the opportunity to revisit the movie and share some of my favorite things. Every scene in this movie is iconic in its own way and this list could certainly be a mile long, but I'll stick to five.

So, in no particular order, here are five things I love about A New Hope!

1. Jawas

I have a very, very special affinity for jawas and I just totally adore seeing them do anything and everything no matter where they turn up. While The Mandalorian gets very, very close, my favorite jawa appearance is still the little guys in A New Hope because of how funny, iconic and adorable they are. Sometimes you just can't beat the classics.

2. Binary Sunset

I think everyone loves the iconic binary sunset scene. Luke in this whole movie is great, but that scene in particular always just really, really connects me to him. The beautiful music and visuals really help you feel his longing for adventure and a new life, and we get to see Tatooine's iconic twin suns.

3. Princess Leia

Leia absolutely rocks in this movie, and I couldn't pin it down to one scene for her because of how amazing she is through the whole thing. Her bravery and strength through everything in this movie is so admirable, not to mention her attitude making for some of the most entertaining banter Star Wars has to offer.

4. Han and Chewie on the Death Star

Han and Chewie are always a great pair, but their shenanigans on the Death Star particularly just make me laugh every time. I love Han's hilarious "we're all fine here" bit, but also the scene where he and Chewie yell and run after stormtroopers only to fearfully turn around once they realize how many there are. It gets me every time.

5. Battle of Yavin

Finally, there's the iconic Battle of Yavin at the end of the movie. It's just your amazing, classic Star Wars fight. Seeing X-Wings and TIE Fighters duke it out, the harrowing, high stakes trench run that Luke does, the triumphant return of Han and Chewbacca to save the day and of course the destruction of the Death Star is always a good time, and really pumps me up whenever I watch this movie.

What do you love about A New Hope? Besides, obviously, maclunkey. Let me know your thoughts!

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