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What We Love: 5 Things I Love About Return of the Jedi

We return to the What We Love series this week to talk about Return of the Jedi! There's a lot of things to love about this movie, it's definitely a fun one to watch, so here are a few of my particular favorite things about it.

1. Fight over the Sarlacc Pit

I love, love LOVE the opening to Return of the Jedi, especially the fight over the sarlacc pit where Luke first ignites his iconic green lightsaber, Han and Lando get up to some hilarious shenanigans (accidentally sending poor Boba Fett into the sarlacc pit), and Leia chokes Jabba. It's a very fun and kind of delightfully chaotic scene.

2. General Calrissian

I'm a big Lando fan, and I always love to see him in this movie. It's great to see him as a leader in the rebellion, and it's awesome to watch him fly the Falcon through the unfinished portions of the Death Star II, cementing himself as a hero of the trilogy.

3. Ewoks

I LOVE EWOKS! They're so cute, and I love to see their little village and the hilarious traps that they use against the Empire. Plus, their capture of most of our rebel heroes and worship of C-3PO just gets me every time. I love the Battle of Endor on its own, but the ewoks are what really make it for me.

4. Emperor's Throne Room Scene

This scene is so iconic that I of course had to include it. The emotionally charged scenes between Luke and Vader, the Emperor's evil cackling and of course, Vader's turn. It's a really beautiful scene that defines all of Star Wars, and it never gets old for me.

5. Victory Celebration

This movie ends in such a beautiful way. I love seeing the cute ewoks dance and sing with everyone, as well as getting the celebrations from across the galaxy as the Emperor falls. And of course, there's Luke creating the funeral pyre for Vader and the Force ghosts of Obi-Wan, Anakin and Yoda looking on him. It's such a great, fun ending and makes me adore this movie so much.

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