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What We Love: 5 Things I Love About Rogue One

I ADORE Rogue One. It might very well be my favorite Star Wars movie, and it's certainly my personal best (yes, those are two different things). Limiting myself to JUST 5 things I love about this movie is very difficult because I love every minute of it, but I tried my best- here are five things that I love about Rogue One!

1. K-2SO

I think everyone love K-2SO. He's the fun, lovable sassy droid that captured our hearts at "you are being rescued. Please do not resist." He's hilarious yet has some incredibly emotional moments, and is one of the most quotable characters ever. He's just perfect I love his appearances and I can't wait for more and more K2 in the Andor series.

2. The Team

While K-2SO may stand out the most for me, I love each and every character in Rogue One's team. They're all so interesting and have such great, conclusive arcs in the movie. Every death scene at the end hits me hard, I really connected with all of them throughout the movie and they're all very well-written.

3. Yavin 4

It's always really fun to see some operations of different Star Wars places, and the rebel base on Yavin 4 is no exception. It's a place we've spent time in before in A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels, and of course plenty of books and comics, but I think it's such a cool base and I always enjoy paying it a visit.

4. Battle of Scarif

There are so many elements of the Battle of Scarif that each one could be broken up into its own top 5 list, so I'm just putting them all under this umbrella. The third act of this movie is AWESOME, the beach-y setting is so cool, the space battle is cool, everything is cool in the Battle of Scarif!

5. Darth Vader

I really don't need to explain this one I think- we all know the scene. And how amazing it is. Vader is really, really cool, and scenes like this only reinforce it in the best, coolest way possible. It always gets the blood pumping and again- it's an awesome scene.

What do you love about Rogue One? I'd love to know!

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