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What We Love: 5 Things I Love About Solo

In last week's What We Love I shared some of my favorite things about Revenge of the Sith. This week, I'd like to spread some of that love to Solo: A Star Wars Story!

1. Han & Chewie's Relationship

Han and Chewie are such a classic duo, and it's so much fun to see how they get their start. They have such great banter (even though we can't understand Chewie, his facial expressions and body language are all we need for a laugh) and an awesome, almost instant connection. I always get a little teary eyed when they fly the Falcon together for the first time, though that probably surprises just about no one.

2. Qi'ra's Story Arc

I've written about how much I like Qi'ra's arc in this movie before, but it is still super, super cool and I love talking about it. I think she's an awesome, very interesting character who I'd love to see do more things. She's a character I'm very much in love with and has so much depth, and we really have only scratched the surface with her in my opinion. She has a lot of potential and this movie lets us explore her a little bit while still keeping her rather mysterious, and that's one of the things I love about it.

3. Donald Glover's Lando

I ADORE Donald Glover's portrayal of Lando. I think he is so, so perfect for the role and pulls it off perfectly. It's a crime he hasn't gotten to show off his amazing Lando more yet, and I'm very, very excited to see him again (presumably) in the Lando series, whenever that comes back. He pulls off the suave attitude of Lando very well and has his humor and mannerisms down pat, and he just steals the show whenever he's on screen.

4. L3-37

Of course, there's the amazing L3-37. She's such a great droid, I love her energy and her dedication to her beliefs. She has so much personality and is very, very expressive despite the fact that she doesn't have a face like we do. Phoebe Waller Bridge embodies the character very well and makes her funny, charming, and very likable. Her death breaks my heart every time, but I think it's so beautiful how she gets incorporated into the Falcon so she gets to curse at C-3PO years later in The Empire Strikes Back.

5. Enfys Nest & the Cloudriders

Last but certainly not least, we have Enfys Nest and her Cloudriders. I love Enfys, like Qi'ra I think she's a very interesting yet not heavily explored character. The things that we do know about her backstory are all super cool, not to mention her awesome costume design. She's a very admirable and noble character despite being so young, and I really, really want a Cloudriders TV show. Or comic or book series. I'm not picky.

What do you love about Solo? Let me know!

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