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What We Love: The Last Jedi

This week we return to the What We Love series with The Last Jedi. The Last Jedi is definitely a polarizing Star Wars film (though what Star Wars anything isn't polarizing in one way or another), but despite what some people may think, there's a lot that I love about it. To show some appreciation this week, here are just a few of my favorite things about The Last Jedi.

1. Attack on the Dreadnought

I really like the opening scene of The Last Jedi. Poe's banter with Hux is always amusing, and I get emotional seeing Paige Tico's sacrifice every single time. Though we don't spend much time with her on-screen, the small bit of her story that we do see shows some of what Star Wars is really about to me- regular people stepping up in the face of danger to do the right thing.

2. Rose Tico

I love Rose Tico. I think she has an incredibly inspiring story and I admire her bravery and dedication to the cause of the Resistance. I think her background makes her a great combination with Finn, and I enjoy the relationship that they have in the movie. She adds a lot to the film for me, I think her scenes are always great and Kelly Marie Tran does a great job acting as her.

3. Canto Bight

I know a lot of people aren't super fond of the Canto Bight scenes, but I love them. They show a kind of glamour that we don't see much in Star Wars, especially not after the prequel era, the music is really good and it provides some great world building to the galaxy that can make us think a little differently about how we see it. Plus, BB-8 shooting tokens at those guards is always pretty cool.

4. Battle of Crait

In my opinion, the third act of this movie is just completely flawless. It always gets me really hyped up when I watch it, and I think it's a great way to end it. From Rey coming into her own as a Jedi by using the Force to save her friends, Finn and Rose racing across the snow on the rickety speeders, and Poe finding his place as a leader in the Resistance. And of course, Luke's triumphant show against Kylo and his sweet scene with Leia. The third act of The Last Jedi is just about peak Star Wars to me, and it never gets old.


Finally, the greatest gift that The Last Jedi has to offer is the amazing, adorable porgs. I completely adore them and will forever be obsessed with them. This incredible contribution to Star Wars puts The Last Jedi in high esteem for me.

Those are just the highlights of the film for me, but I might have missed your favorites. What do you love about The Last Jedi?

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Melissa H
Melissa H
Jan 21, 2022

Yessss! Rose!!! And porgs.


Devin Torrence
Devin Torrence
Jan 21, 2022

I have to agree with most of what you put for things you love about TLJ. Especially Rose, I think that Rose was an interesting character, and one that I'd be interested in seeing more of in the future. The battle of Crait is so beautiful visually, and the battle between Luke and Kylo was amazing. And while I wasn't a big fan of the Canto Bight scenes, it was a beautiful planet, and was something I wouldn't mind seeing again in Star Wars media.

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