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5 Lessons We Can All Learn from Neeku Vozo

Neeku is, to put it a little mildly, an absolute treasure. He is a beacon of light for all of Star Wars. So, there's a lot that we can learn from little Neeku Vozo, and these are just a few of the lessons.

1: Believe in your friends

One of Neeku's most admirable traits is his unwavering loyalty. He trusts his friends, even when he hasn't known them for very long. When Kaz says that he's the greatest pilot, Neeku believes him, though maybe a little naively. Neeku always believes in his friends, as he believes strongly in Tam too. And later, when things are starting to get bad with the First Order, Neeku trusts Yeager and Kaz enough to join the Resistance with him, even if the whole thing is new to him.

2: Always help people out

Neeku is very earnest, and always takes the opportunity to be helpful. For example, when Kaz is low on money and can't afford to get anything at Aunt Z's, Neeku makes sure to spot him. But Neeku doesn't just limit his helpfulness to the friends he already knows. Neeku jumps at the chance to help the children of Tehar when they need it, as well as helping Bibo and his mother, even if the helpful choice he makes hurts him.

3: Stand up for yourself

Though Neeku is undoubtedly kind and soft, he also knows when to assert his boundaries. In the episode with Bibo, Neeku is very fond of his pet, even if others aren't exactly on the same page. When Yeager tries to force Neeku to get rid of it, Neeku decides to make a choice for himself and Bibo, and resigns because of it. While eventually Bibo is returned to his mother and Neeku happily rejoins Team Fireball, it was still an important moment for Neeku to not be a doormat and stand up for his own interests.

4: Eat whatever you want, no matter what people say

Neeku's food habits aren't exactly ones that everyone agrees with. While Kaz thinks of the cute and bitey little gorgs as animals that might be pets, Neeku doesn't quite agree and eats them. Despite Kaz's grossed-out look, Neeku doesn't have a care in the world about what Kaz thinks about his food. We should all aspire to have Neeku's self confidence and lack of care for what others think of his habits.

5: Always think ahead

Though Neeku may seem a little naive, he knows when he's going to be tricked. When the pirates try to make him program the old Separatist droids to use them in their mutiny against Captain Doza, Neeku has to comply... though he forms a secret plan, and makes sure the droids will listen to his B1 commander so he can stop the pirates from taking over and terrorizing the Colossus. It's a smart plan, and shows that Neeku is much smarter than he's often given credit for it.

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