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A New Day, A New Beginning

It's the time of year where many students are graduating from school. If you're like my sister, you're graduating today (assuming it doesn't rain on us here), you may have graduated last week, or will be graduating soon.

I was in your shoes just two years ago, and I still remember the feeling very well. It's weird, isn't it? Part excitement, part hope, part sadness and part fear, plus a bunch of other parts that are a bit harder to describe. But you're definitely not alone. When I was graduating, a character I looked to the most to inspire me was (as usual) Ahsoka Tano.

While her leaving the Jedi Order comes with a lot less fanfare and a lot more sadness than most graduations do, it still inspired me when I was setting foot on my journey into "the real world." What I think I've taken most from that part of Ahsoka's story is to not look back, but ahead. Ahsoka doesn't forget her past, she learns from it, and takes those lessons with her to move forward rather than just trying to go back to where she once was. That is what saved her and helped her grow into the amazing character we know her to be in Star Wars Rebels.

Ahsoka isn't the only character you can look to for guidance, but she's the one I find myself following the most. Whichever character you decide to learn from, I hope they guide you well on this magnificent journey of life.

As Ahsoka says in Star Wars Rebels- "this is a new day, a new beginning." Enjoy it. Congratulations on this achievement!

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