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Highlighting Black Characters in the Galaxy Far, Far Away - Avon Starros

February kicks off Black History Month, and there is no better time to illuminate excellent Black characters and creatives in Star Wars. Each week here on Star Wars Geek Girl, we will be highlighting a Black character and their importance in the galaxy that we all love so much. This week, we'd like to spend some time to shine a light on a High Republic favorite, Avon Starros.

Avon Starros is the daughter of Senator Ghirra Starros, and ancestor of the famous Sana Starros. But beyond that, she is a brilliant scientist and researcher, and someone who believes in helping others above all else.

We were first introduced to Avon in Justina Ireland's A Test of Courage. She's only twelve years old in that story, but we get to learn so much about her- her knack for mechanics and logistics, as well as her penchant for mischief.

We get more Avon in Mission to Disaster, where we get even more of her brilliant mind and compassionate nature. She's cunning and smart, and able to defy her Nihil captors- not only for the sake of herself, but to save the other children with her. Avon is a beacon of hope, not a Jedi herself but inspired by her Jedi friends, even when they're not around. She's as optimistic as she is smart, believing in herself and her friends, and she has a fierce determination even against the toughest obstacles.

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