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5 More Episodes I'd Like in a Star Wars "What If...?"

Last week, I wrote about five potential episode ideas that I'd like to see in a Star Wars series similar to Marvel's What If...? and this week, I have five more to share with you! These ones are a little bit more sad than the ones from last week, unfortunately, but I still think that they're interesting to think about.

What if... Rogue One failed?

This one is a really sad one to think about, but what if team Rogue One's mission on Scarif had failed, and their sacrifice hadn't lead to the plans of the Death Star transmitting to the rebels? It's a scary thought, but how would things have changed if the Death Star's weakness had not been revealed? Would they have destroyed Yavin IV, and the Rebellion with it? Would Mon Mothma's dark worries in From a Certain Point of View had come true?

What if... Maul killed Kanan?

While Kanan's blinding in "Twilight of the Apprentice" is of course far from lucky, the fact that Maul's strike didn't just kill him kind of is. But what if Maul's blade had struck a little bit deeper, and Kanan died? How would things have changed? Would Ezra still have escaped Malachor? Would he have turned to the dark side? It's really, really sad of course- but so, so interesting to think about.

What if... Rey joined Kylo Ren?

Rey's brave choice to reject the dark side and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi is an important hallmark of her character, but what if she hadn't been strong enough to do that? How would she have changed the First Order, and how would the Resistance have responded? Would Finn have to have been the Jedi to rise up and save the galaxy? Of course Rey's story as a brave, good Jedi is important, but it would be interesting to see that be twisted.

What if... Luke joined the Emperor?

Luke's iconic rejection of the dark side is probably among the most significant parts of Star Wars, but what if it hadn't gone that way? Would he have killed Vader and become the new dark apprentice? Or on a different note, would he and Vader have killed the Emperor together and revitalized the Dark Side? Would the destruction of the Death Star II still happen? So many interesting questions, that I would love to see answered.

What if... Fives survived?

Finally, a happier one to finish us off, what if Fives had survived? Had he lived to tell about the conspiracy he'd learned about the chips, Order 66 and Palpatine, I like to think that things would have gone much, much differently- in a good way- for the galaxy. It always broke my heart that Fives was so close to solving the whole thing when he was killed, and in a better galaxy, maybe he was able to save the galaxy.

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