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Carrying the Lessons of Star Wars Rebels With You Everyday

Today is Rebels Remembered Day! As we look back on and celebrate this very special show that means so much to so many of us, I want to take a moment to reflect on some of the lessons of the show and how we can bring them into our lives.

Open Communication

Something I always really loved about Rebels was how it gave our characters time to breathe and talk to each other. And over the course of the series, those importance time allowances showed us the importance of being open with each other. Whether it was telling a close friend about a difficult experience we had that still impacts us to this day (like Sabine telling Ezra and Kanan about her family on Mandalore), or just pulling someone aside and telling them how you're feeling in that moment and talking through a disagreement (like Kanan and Hera when they're first joing the Rebellion), Rebels shows us how important it is to get these things off our chest. It is through open communication that the characters are able to grow closer with each other and understand not just the other people, but the galaxy better, and it's an important thing I think we can all learn from. And even when characters pull away from the others (like Kanan and Ezra after "Twilight of the Apprentice") they never stop being there for them.

Standing Behind Our Loved Ones

One of the most admirable parts of the Ghost Crew is how supportive they are of each other. They'll stand behind someone even if they disagree- they'll talk out the disagreement and let their objection known, but still support their family, like Kanan advocating for Hera to get a promotion even though he isn't a fan of being in the big rebellion. They'll also be there as a support network when someone makes a mistake and always offer forgiveness and love, like after Ezra struggles with the Dark Side. Star Wars Rebels shows us how important it is to always support your family- even when you disagree or they're wrong. Sometimes, it's especially when you disagree or they're wrong.

Showing Kindness to Everyone

A repeated theme in Rebels (and Star Wars in general) is how acts of kindness can shape someone's story forever. Sometimes it's a rebel group going back for the kid they found when he gets left behind, and sometimes it's helping your biggest enemy stay warm when you're stranded together. Sometimes, it's even showing compassion to the space whales even if your space mom isn't their biggest fan. Every act of kindness can ripple into something bigger and better later, and karma gets around in a good way too.

Being A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

One of the first lines of Rebels that really stuck with me was Hera Syndulla's "If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing." Rebels is the pinnacle of a theme that Star Wars has had since day one- that nothing is done by just one person, but by everyone coming together to do something good. Rebels shows us that to be a part of something bigger than yourself to have a far-reaching positive impact is one of the greatest privileges of life, and one we should all strive to do in some way.

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