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Highlighting Some of Sabine's Best Artwork

Being the resident "explosive artist" of the Star Wars Rebels crew, Sabine does a lot of painting and artwork throughout the series, on both walls and her own armor. She has a variety of pieces to show off that all have some value in their own way, but these five are just some of my favorites.

Ezra and Zeb

One of the first big pieces of Sabine's art that we see, this painting of Ezra and Zeb memorializes the moment in "Fighter Flight" where Ezra's bunk fell on top of Zeb thanks to Chopper stealing the bolts. It's a really funny painting that I think fits the early vibe of the series, and I also had a lot of fun painting it on my own wall, so it gets points for that.

Rex and Kanan

Another one I particularly love is the painting she did of Rex and Kanan. I really love how she draws Kanan (she uses a similar look for him in the "Moonbeam" piece she did on Hera's A-Wing. I think this really shows off her adorable style, and the scene where they see it in the show always makes me laugh.

Graffitied TIE Fighter

I think that Sabine's graffitied TIE Fighter is so, so cool. I love the colors and the style of it. It really fits her vibe really well. In addition, if you look over the reference pictures of the model you can notice little details referencing every member of the crew- like incorporating Hera's lekku design, the symbol on Kanan's armor, and more.

Ceiling Mural

All of the paintings in Sabine's room are amazing (I've painted quite a few in my own room), but I really, really adore the mural she has on her ceiling, incorporating the design on her helmet and the colors she wears this season, along with a little picture of the Ghost family all together. It's a really, really cool piece.

Family Mural

Finally, I have to show some love for the big, beautiful family mural that we closed out the series with. It's such a neat piece that incorporates so much from the final season, and I think it was a perfect final piece of art for us to see. I have a giant tapestry of it on my wall, and I really just love looking at it.

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1 Comment

Melissa H
Melissa H
Mar 25, 2022

You have almost all of these either hand-painted in your room or hanging in your dorm.♥️

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